Oculus Air Link and Oculus tray Tool (Pixel Density)

I’m trying MSFS with Air Link and trying to set Pixel Density to 1.5 with Oculus Tray Tool. Unfortunately, OTT doesn’t seem to be setting the pixel density…it remains at 1.0. Has anyone else managed to set PD with OTT…or is it npot possible when using Air Link?

OTT doesnt affect Airlink whatsoever (as far as i can tell)
use the Oculus Debug Tool instead, there you got a pixel override and you can still adjust the FOV Ratio. Make sure to set the Bitrates in the Debug tool to 0, otherwise this wont be a pleasent experience

I agree about using the debug tool to change the pixel density but find if you go set too high , very bad experience.

I have played with the encode bitrate on the debugh tool (initally leaving it at 0) to about 100 or less and it works.

I think it overrides what you have in the headset airlink setting but as long as you don’t go too crazy it works.

After playing around several days, the best experience for me was using the debug too, leaving the pixel density to zero (adjust resolution in the MSFS2020 VR graphics settings), turn off ASW and set my encoding rate to fixed 90. Having ASW on was very bad causing all kinds of stutters.

changes made in OTT do in fact work on air link. you can test this simply by applying a performance HUD from ott.

game is pretty much unplayable for me without ASW 18hz and you need OTT to use that. but sometimes it ends up freezing for a second and then returning with massive v-sync tearing like stuttering necessitating me to restart. and with anything higher than 2016 encode width it starts stuttering like that immediately. Can’t wait for all the kinks to be gone.