Oculus beta Channel & 6900XT

I’ve not had one CTD with the latest beta that oculus pushed out Thursday. Granted I still use Radeon drive 21.2.3 since other drivers crash oculus software but finally I’m able to enjoy this card and this awesome Sim!!
I struggled with all kinds of fixes, drivers and edits to get even one enjoyable 1/2 hr flight since buying this card a month ago.

Update: Testing 21.5.2 After 4 flights, first one from Dulles to KTUL in the Cj : No Crash didn’t open up the nav map.

2nd Flight in the Van from Vancover to Renten : No Crash no nav map.

3rd Flight from KTTD to Redding in the 172 I opened the Nav map just before approach the closed it before I landed and BAM CTD.

4th flight from OK City Ok to Jones Riverside in the 182 didn’t open the Nav map: No Crash

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