Oculus CV1 + Decent PC = Disappointment

So I have an decent PC, i7 10700K, 64GB RAM, M.2/SSD & RTX3080 (feel lucky to have one), but pretty disappointed in the VR performance.

I’m not seeing any great results as I see in various YouTube videos, have tried many of the suggestions and all is pretty good without VR, but turn that on and things turn to custard.
Now it’s not totally ■■■■, but not as good as I expect.

Using EGLC as an example with the new update, this appears to be a crippler and not sure it it’s just me.

Have used the Oculus tray tool, the Oculus debug with various setting but thinking this may be an issue with the OpenXR implementation as other stuff in VR (yeah I know it not as demanding) is super smooth.

What I’ve settled on for now is : Aysnc to x1.5 and the resolution in MSFS to 50% with most things at High setting but stuff like clouds, lens flair etc to low.

Anyone have any pearls of wisdom to share ?

CV1 here too, i7-10700K OC, 32GB and RTX3070 (I feel unlucky to not have the RTX3080, I tried so hard but no avail) :wink:

I’m not fully satisfied too and stopped flying due to bugs and lack of VR performance, but you may achieve something not that bad with your machine. I have lot of things at low of off, but texture ultra, and currently (well, last week as I stopped) I use Render Scale 70% and oculusDebugTool with Pixel Density at 1.7, all that mixed with ASW OFF locked 45fps (CTRL+numpad 2). Good and crisp, not a lot of stutter, (far less than with ASW on auto for example.
Obviously the choice of the plane is important. Flying a simple plane with old good mechanical instruments is very VR friendly on GPU usage, airliner are fps killer due mainly (IMO) the way instrument panels are managed.
Lot of good post around here, E.g. check the ones from CptLucky8 and his settings for various headset (Index, G2), you’ll have a very good base to find your own settings.

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I had the CV1 until last week when my G2 arrived.
I have a 9700k @5GHz, 32GB RAM @3000, M.2 Drives, RTX3080 (I too feel lucky…)

I found the CV1 much smoother than I’ve managed to get the G2 so far.
I used the oculus beta channel (I think there may be a new bug at this time), ODT to set PD to around 1.6-2, set ASW to auto then start the CLI in the ODT folder and type: Server:asw.clock30
That locks it to a simulated 30FPS (don’t knock it until you try it as it’s smooth and doesn’t jitter like 45)
Game settings were most stuff to low/ medium except for clouds to ultra.
In game resolution to around 80% and terrain distance to about 90 or so (depends on where you fly).
I use the 457 driver BTW as it’s been reported to be the best for my card.
Textures to medium I think (not at PC)

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In case you don’t know, I posted somewhere how you can make a batch file to set your oculus settings…

Here you go:Oculus Quest 2 settings - RTX3070 OC - #14 by CodeLoran69

Edit: AFAIK texture at ultra have 0 hit on performance side.

Currently I can buy the G2 or the Quest 2 but no ones really satisfy my on specs and feedback side. I think I’ll wait a little, my CV1 still work very fine and you can get a decent image when supersampling it, and obviously a decent framerate due to its resolution. The same reason I didn’t bought a 2K or 4K monitor : I want to get the most of my current machine, and the CV1 is perfect with mine, at least with other sims and games :wink:


Yeah good strategy, I was actually really happy with my CV1 performance with the 3080 (actually got 90FPS DCS in the F16 in Syria single player).

Now I’m settling for about 40FPS in MSFS in the CJ4 on a cloudy day in the UK (not London) which is annoying as it’s not very smooth at all, I wish I knew how to lock it at 30 as I know how well that worked in the CV1…
Oh, and I get some Eye strain that I’m training my eyes for as my IPD is too wide for the G2 (max 68).
In the CV1 anywhere near the wide settings was perfect, watch out for that one…

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Hi All
These are all very useful and interesting comments. Taking all your advice, I’m now getting what I’d consider decent performance anywhere in the UK but not EGLC / London, but I guess that scenery just chews up CPU/GPU - still paying around and tweaking stuff.

On a side note, I tried the same thing in XPlane and it was smooth all the way, although I am using Orbx for London, the buildings are just not as good for the none iconic buildings.

I did wonder if (and probably not the case now) that the use of OpenXR may be an issue with the CV1 if that platform have more direct support for the mixed reality bunch of headsets.

Thanks again for all your comments and suggestions.

In nVidia Control panel under manage 3D settings, program settings for Microsoft Flight Simulator, change max frame rate setting to 30 FPS and click the accept button to lock it in.

Thanks but does that work for VR?

Good point. It turns out that switching to VR disables that nVidia frame rate cap, so not really useful for you sorry.

I know that the beta SteamVR allows you to set a frame rate cap in VR, but it doesn’t sound like you are using SteamVR.

Thanks I might give it a try against the WMR and see if it improves my experience.

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