OCULUS GO! Yes and it's easy.*

This is under the assumption that you are playing the Steam version of the game and are already capable of playing PC VR games using an Oculus Go with Sidequest, Oculus Software, VirtualDesktop, and SteamVR. You also have a full understanding of what you’re doing for specs, framerate, 5ghz wireless settings, etc…

… and if that’s the case then it’s so hilariously easy to setup provided you already have the previously mentioned blurb accomplished.

I’m not kidding. If you’re already playing iRacing or Assetto Corsa in VR with a Go, well then… you’re ready to … go!

FYI: I run an i7 9700K w/ 32GB RAM @ 3000mhz and a (chuckles) pre-pascal Titan X Hybrid 12GB GDDR5.


All you do is download OpenXR and unzip anywhere. Run SteamVR and change this OpenXR setting as shown (allow Steam to make the changes when prompted):

No regedit required.

Fire up your GO and your required VR software (don’t launch SteamVR yet) and make sure the headset is detected like usual. Launch the game and let it load to the main menu then launch SteamVR. In the game go into general settings and switch to VR mode. Should be good to go!

Barf bags can be found behind your seat!

Couple things to note:
Make sure SteamVR is disabled until after you start the game. Otherwise the game will auto load within SteamVR (you’ll see a warning when attempting to launch), but contained within desktop mode which then causes the game to crash when you switch to VR mode if SteamVR is loaded first.

If you experience input issues with your keyboard and mouse, check that the game is in focus on the Windows desktop. An errant ALT+TAB or Windows key press will cause this.

I’m not going to go into graphics as I am struggling to maintain 60fps in a mix mash of medium/high at 70% resolution. Could be my PC, could be the GO, still working on it.

It’s not pretty, but it does work.