Oculus mirror?

Anyone here have any tips on how to actually get it to work ? Just a black screen every time I try to launch it and it never shows what’s on my headset, I’d like to record better quality video than what’s currently available with the Quest 2 native resolution

Do you have the latest update on your video card?

Tried OTT or Oculus diagnostics?

Seeing as I’m a PC noob I’m not sure to be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s up to date though

In the same boat here, followed all the ‘guidance’ :thinking: I could find online and it just sits at the black screen.

Unless there’s something really obvious I’m not doing, it’s a bit of a mystery.

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Yeah same here, really hope someone has an answer to this


Oculus mirror works only with LINK/USB cable, if you’re using the SteamVR runtime with Virtual Desktop it’s not working

The oculus mirror is great because there is an anti-shaking, which is smoother for viewer.
However it’s using a lot of VRAM… stuttering time by time

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