Oculus Quest 1 with Link Cable, VR Controllers disappear without button held down

Essentially, to be able to use the vr controllers at all in the cockpit I have to hold a button down on one of the controllers (either one with any button being pressed). This happens only in the cockpit when a flight is loaded. If I pause, both controllers will appear and track how they should, however it is very buggy with selecting menu items and sliding sliders (That started along with the controller disappearing issue). For instance, if I want to flip a switch in the cockpit I have to hold down a button on the opposite controller while not pointing at anything for the other controller to appear and be usable for that switch, the pointer doesn’t appear unless a button is held down. The controllers work perfectly fine, as expected, on every other ingame menu when a flight is not loaded. I don’t know what caused this, as it happened at complete random one day without any sort of update or anything to affect it. Does anyone know a solution to this, has anyone experienced this before?

Here’s an example video of the issue for better context(the controllers that appears with the arrow is the one I hold the button down on): Dropbox - example.mp4 - Simplify your life