Oculus Quest 2 + RTX 2080Duke Help needed

Hello everyone,

I came to the same page as most of us are which is the stability issues with the VR mode in MSFS 2020.

I’ve tried almost everything from the guides that a lot of you invested time to make and thank you very much for that, but I believe that I need an extra hand or tip to make my life easier.

My wife got me as a gift the Oculus Quest 2 with the Belking USB 3.0 cable in order to make it work in MSFS2020. I’ve done all the steps got everything ready and when I am into the sim the FPS are really a big issue.

I’ve tried the guides for 2080 to have ultra graphics inside the game with res 1.3 and/or 1.7 but the bump is that they are stuck at 25-27 after many hours of trial and error. The biggest issue is that sometimes it gets glitchy and inside the VR i am seeing the Loading and I lose the image.

So, I would like to know your suggestions about Drivers, setup, settings to have a decent image & be playable if possible.
ps. To other games like SteamVR, the games are buttery smooth and have more than 60FPS so… i think that I will lose my mind with that.

My gaming setup is:
Ryzen 5 3600X
16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
RTX2080 Duke 8GB OC edition
Oculus Quest 2

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I have a similar setup than you and i get decent performance using Virtual Desktop. I don’t use the link anymore for MSFS, too jerky, stuttery…
Virtual Desktop settings on HIGH, 110mbs stream, SteamVR oculus runtimes, good to go.
And I keep my PC settings the same as VR in game. I even put my PC settings to a similar res than my Quest 2 which is around 4K.
My thinking around this is if the game loads with 1080p settings, is it loading textures and assets for 1080p ? It gives me the feeling that the loading part is loading relevant data for 4K rendering which is my Quest 2’s resolution. But I could be wrong :wink: hehe

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So what you referred to is just to completely ignore the Oculus link runtime and go straight for virtual desktop?

I will give it a try and thank you very much for the tip. Do you use the cable connection or you are with Wifi?

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