Oculus quest 2 witch choice 64 or 256?

What’s the difference between two versions 64 or 256 ?

64 is enough cause you probably will use it with a PC

It’s the internal device storage. Important if you use it as a standalone device and have 10s of games.

Because your posting here in a PC game then this is of no interest to you as the game lives on your PC hard drive and takes up zero room on the Oculus Quest.

Thanks a lot

The quest 2 is designed to be something like a Nintendo DS, a portable device that has all it’s games loaded internally that works independently from a PC or console.

For MSFS you do not use that internal storage you buy a separate optional link cable (which is not cheap) to tether it to your PC. Note the link cable is NOT normally included in the original Quest 2 purchase you have to buy it.

Thanks a lot

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