Oculus Rift CV1, loosing tracking every few seconds for fraction of a second. Flicker

I started experiencing a weird issue that was not present previously. I don’t know if its something that started happening after the latest hotfix patch, or since I just moved and started seeing this in a new house that there is something i knocked in my computer or Oculus setup.

Picture flickers/jumps to a different view ever few seconds, as if Oculus is losing tracking or resetting my head position and then in a fraction of a second regains tracking and puts me back in correct orientation.
I’m seeing parts of scenery/aircraft when this flicker occurs, so its not like its losing a video signal, it literally looks like the position of the camera gets reset and then come back with correct tracking.

I’m not seeing this behavior in Oculus Home or Steam VR and I don’t have any other VR titles installed at the moment to test this behavior in another application.

Oculus hardware connections all look good in Oculus settings.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Search for ‘Oculus white flashes’ in the search box. There are a lot of comments.

I did, and I’m not 100% certain that what I’m experiencing is the same as those white flashes.

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I would say that given all the various advice and settings that the issue is with MSFS2020. I don’t think anyone has had such issues with any other app, this is certainly true for me.
Don’t get me wrong I really like MSFS2020 but it has immaturity issues when compared with XPlane for example which is super smooth.
There is no magic bullet unfortunately just trial and error, we just have to wait for the game to mature.

Hi, unfortunately it seems a bug related to the latest Oculus software update that fails to communicate well with the latest simulator update.
I solved it by updating OpenXR to the latest beta, updating SteamVR to the latest beta.
After I set SteamVR as a platform for dialogue with OpenXR. When on the simulator you switch into VR view it will no longer open with Oculus, but with SteamVR and everything works fine. Furthermore, if you enable developer mode on SteamVR, you can also go directly to adjust the resolution you want on the simulator.

Same issue here since the last hotfix update… strange.

Same issue here since the last hotfix update…too :weary:

There are going to be 50 threads on this issue, because no one makes the effort to search, before posting a new thread.


I guess I will write new post about that fix. Maybe that will make it more visible.

Steam VR no longer works for me, switching to VR in MSFS while in Steam VR produces a black screen. I also cannot use OpenXR as the platform only Oculus on CV1. Unless I’m doing something wrong. I belive the new Quest 2 has a lot more flexibility as to which platform you can configure your apps through, Steam VR, OpenXR dev tool or Oculus. For me it seems I can only run through Oculus.

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