Oculus Rift S Jumping After Latest World Update (UK)

Hi everybody,

I recently discovered a strange bahavior. Whenever load a flight (loading screen) at the time where the PC is spooling up the fans because its almost ready, the loading screen with the Cessna starts to jump that the whole image is about moving half of the image siye down for some millisecons.

In the sim this same bahavior happens as well in various amount. The GPU RTX2080 Ti is not utilized (25%-30% max.). The CPU is around 70%-80% and dev tools say limited by main thread (it was like that all the time no matter which version of the sim). All worked fine till last world update. Other sims work perfect. I have stable 45-50 fps in VR.

Has anyone ever had such a problem?

Untick occulus beta driver.

This schould be part of the Release Notes. It worked.

Thank you very much.