Oculus - VR not working

Hi all. I had MSFS2020 working perfectly on my old pc, but alas, it doesn’t want to know on my new one. I followed through the “known issues” post, but it hasn’t helped.

The part about editing the registry doesn’t tally up with what I’m seeing.

This is what I should be seeing “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1”

But the OpenXR part of the path doesn’t exist on my pc, instead it goes: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\Vulkan

There is no OpenXR folder.

How do I remedy this? It is a fresh install of Windows 10, Oculus, and MSFS2020 on a brand new pc.

Weird, it should be created when installing oculus Software…
Anyway, you can safely create yourself variables needed with the exact same type and names. See this pictures I made recently, and be aware my oculus installation in on my D drive (probably C for you by default), so you need to change the path:

Hope it help


Hi. Thanks for the advice. I actually manually installed OpenXR, and the correct path appeared. I was eventually able to enter VR, but now have new problems. I’m getting much worse performance with my new 3090 with 5950X than I was getting with my old pc (i7 with 1080ti). I am getting micro stutters and constant flashing/glitching. Other titles work fine. It’s just MSFS. Latest windows, chipset and graphics card drivers. More troubleshooting :frowning:

For the flash we all have them from the beginning, but it’s worse from the last World Update and the last Oculus Beta update (v26.x). If you’re using the Beta version of Oculus, I suggest to unselect the Beta flag in its menu. You’ll be back to Oculus v25.x. For some it wasn’t enough and they had to uninstall and reinstall Oculus Software (with the beta flag removed), or to re-run the Oculus setup program and select “repair”.

For the performance, that’s weird if you’re used first same settings than the previous machine before trying to raise them. it could also be due to the processor single core speed, as this is really important for such a Simulator which is heavily CPU dependent. What was the exact type of your previous I7 processor and did you OC it? I saw a case here where an old i7 4790K OC 4.8Ghz have better performance in MSFS than a brand new Ryzen, just due to the single core speed…

Yes, I discovered about the flashing problem last night, when googling. I shall try removing the Beta option later, and see how I get on.

Regarding my last PC, it was only an i7-6700K, running standard alongside a 1080ti, again no overclocking.

Many thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

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