OculusVR vs SteamVR confusion

Hopefully a simple question, I’ve been running MSFS on Quest 2 with Link cable. PC is i5-10400 with GTX3080. I bought MSFS from MS game store. When I run the game in VR it opens Oculus home on the PC and it opens SteamVR. That means I have graphics settings in the headset menus, in SteamVR, Oculus Home (on the PC) and in the game itself. So confused about what I should tweak for improved performance (it’s really jumpy).

Do I need SteamVR to run this in VR or should I uninstall Steam? Doesn’t it just run between Oculus home on PC and OpenVR?

You don’t need SteamVR.
In the Oculus software, opt-in the beta channel, it will download an update.
Once this is done, Oculus should have modified the OpenXR runtime to Oculus (yours must be set to SteamVR).
And since there is an issue with the latest beta version of Oculus software with FS, once this is fine, opt-out the beta channel. It will download another update but Oculus runtime will stay set.

Start Oculus, activate Link, start FS and go VR. It shouldn’t open SteamVR anymore.

Thank you - this helps a lot! I’ll give it a shot after work.

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