Odd performance low FPS when landing


Gigabyte Z390A
RTX 3090
64 GB Ram
Installed on SSD 1Tb

Last several weeks I have noticed very poor performance specifically when landing.

I’m not an FPS chaser but this is to the point it’s almost hard to land given the lag/stutterness.

Heck, I’m happy to get 25 in big dense areas.

I digress, anywho, I fly the fenix A320 with FSLTL. If I’m doing a long haul or even a short hop flight when I descend into the destination I always get sucked into 10-13 FPS.

At first I figured oh this is FSLTL. So I’d turn off to experiment. Well FSLTL only has been effecting my performance by 4-3 fps. Not 15-20. So even with that off I’m still getting 10fps when approaching.

I know the Fenix is hefty on performance so I went back to the FBW which I get great frames in. Same thing. Did a short flight as descended and was around 8,000ft it got choppy and all the way to airport I was at 10-13 fps.

At this point I feel confident it’s nots the Fenix and or FSLTL given iv changed or not ran them at all and yet I still get these low frames when landing.

I feel prior to the two recent Nvidia driver updates my sim ran smooth just fine take off to landing (two driver updates ago)

Could it be just driver issue on my end?? My settings haven’t ch aged much, I actually went down to high preset even and nothing changed.

Currently high preset with DX12 DLSS balanced.

Anyone else getting bad fps with the recent updates? Any tips or tricks I could try to solve this?? Appreciate the help.

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did you manged to find a solution…Me aswell suddenly fps drop or performance drop on takeoff and landing…before I had no problems… how do you get drivers from September for nvidia?

SU11 ?
Take a look at « SU11 fps »

I did the following and I seem to not be getting the deep drops in FPS when approaching my arrival airport.

Latest Nvidia driver.

I used to mess with the Nvidia control panel settings through the months based on videos but I went in there and reset it to default. Apply and saved.

In my settings I put it to high preset but then then changed some settings to ultra. Like clouds and textures.

Lastly I limited my frames to 30

I’d try a combination of that. I did all of that and I have pleasable experience (I’m not a frame chaser just want a smooth experince) and now when I come in for approaches landings I’m not hitting the low 10-15 frames anymore.

I personally think it was the Nvidia control panel settings for me. Also I’m on DLSS quality and DX12.

Hope some of this helps or gives you something to try.

EDIT: Also I have learned when the servers are full performance can suffer a bit too.