Odd reverse thrust behaviour on 747 - goes forward

I have the Logitech Yoke/Throttle set.

I have one of the Throttle assy levers set to turn on reverse thrust (using the Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust command) when in the switched detent at the very most bottom of travel. That opens the reverser doors and then advancing the throttle lever provides the reversing thrust. The cockpit controls respond accordingly - throttle drops back then reverser levers move back as the throttle is pushed forward.

Next I set the bottom detent switch of the actual throttle lever to be “100% throttle”.
Now when both levers are moved to their detents the reverser doors open and both the reverse levers and throttle come all the way back for full reverse thrust, but only for a fraction of the second. They then all jump fully forward and the aircraft starts taxiing forward. This is despite the reverser doors still being open in external view.

My hope was to set the throttle detent so it opens the doors and sets (reverse) thrust to 100%

Am I misunderstanding the controls menu or is this a issue with the s/w ?

Thank you

One way to do this with Logitech throttles, (I have these) is to tie the command “Throttle x Decrease” (x being the throttle you want to control) to the “switched detent” below idle thrust on the throttles.
This will activate reverse thrust when the lever is pulled down past idle.

If you use just one lever for all throttles, you will need to set this button (detent) to use this command for each throttle.
So, Throttle 1 Decrease, Throttle 2 Decrease etc will all be activated by a single button.

Or, if you use two of the levers for throttles, you could assign the respective command to the individual lever button.

Awesome. Thanks very much.

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