Odd square shapes in graphics

Hi all

Can anyone explain what this might be ? I have uploaded a picture - occasionally on the right hand side I get a ghosting rectangle shape with lots of squares in it… hopefully my image uploads, otherwise this will sound crazy.

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Nvidia GPU?
If yes download Nvidia drivers v466.77

Uninstall Nvidia drivers and restart PC.
Install 466.77 drivers and restart PC.

It might help if you uploaded an image directly from your computer, rather than a photo of your monitor. But I can just make out some little squares. I’ve never seen those myself, but I have seen some examples that were far more obvious than this. I don’t know what the cause was.

It’s possible a driver change would help, but in that event I would consider going to a newer one rather than revert to an older one. But trying both is also find, and lets you get some comparison data.

For me either setting resolution scale back to 100% (if you use any higher) worked.


Setting vsync to ‘fast’ in nvidia control panel.

So far so good with 120% res scale.

Hi all

Thanks for the replies. Yes it is Nvidia drivers, I have updated today and not seen it again so far, though it does appear intermittent. If I see it again then I will attempt to remove drivers and do clean install. I will also play with some of the settings as described.

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