OFFER: Why do some CTD all the time while others do not?

They are all pupose made AMD with an interface as big as your arm :rofl:

Take note of how many copies the game has been sold and how many CTD threads you read about here on the forum, they are a very small minority.

It is really nice of you trying to find out why I am having zero problems with my PC!

But I already have a clue… the best and most stable 550 watts PSU from Corsair with almost perfect ripple values, the best rock-solid high quality MSI gaming mainboard, no stupid overclocking but running a system that is based on powerful components instead of trying to squeeze out frames by overclocking and overheating everything, rocksolid Samsung B-Die RAM type T-Force Dark Pro CL11 2666MHz undervolted, and using an oversized CPU cooler with just a little pressure on CPU and socket instead of stupidly turning the screws until the CPU begins to make snapping noises and the mainboard starts to bent.
As far as I have seen everyone who has constant crashes to desktop has all online features like multiplayer and photogrammetry on.
This might be the culprit - something software related. I don´t think it´s the hardware because everyone who can run any game on the PC can also run the Flight Sim stable for hours.

(Offtopic I know: But if you would help me finding out why Forza Horizon 5 outright refuses to run on my machine - not with a Radeon 5700 + Ryzen 7 and also not with a Vega 11 + Ryzen 5) I would be absolutely happy!

For clarification, there was no confirmation from Asobo or Microsoft that enabling Live Weather was definitely causing CTDs. Our post linked below confirmed the Live Weather outage and stated that the team received unconfirmed reports from players that Live Weather might be causing performance decreases and crashes. I personally tried to validate these reports myself by flying with Live Weather enabled for several hours during the outage window of January 1-3 and did not experience any crashes.

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At a guess 550w is a tad under what’s required by your system. Try it without your peripherals attached and you might find it works.

Initially I was having quite a few CTDs. After checking out the zendesk recommendations I did the following:

  1. Turned off Garmin Connect (for my watch) from the task tray. It was specifically mentioned
  2. Exited most other task tray process
  3. Uninstalled the Realtek HD audio drivers.

The strongest correlation I had to stability was #3, the Realtek HD audio drivers. I’m using a BT headset anyway.

My system is super old (AMD FX Octa-core, 32 GB ram, GTX 1070, two 4K HDR monitors, good quality PSU) but it seems fast and stable. I have no issues with stutters and frame rate. I keep graphics settings at the system chosen default, which seem high to me considering I’m running in 4K.

The only other intensive programs I’ll use that sometimes CTD are PhotoShop and Kerbal Space Program.

Getting CTDs with Photoshop is a RED FLAG !!

Old version of PS ?? Current version should be ultra stable.

To achieve this I created a profile especially for msfs. That’s a barebones one, with hardly any startup apps. The exe.xml takes care of the necessary apps to load on starting the sim, f.ex. Realsimgear and popout manager.

In PS, it’s mostly if I open a png and don’t save as a psd. Which is a double hit since there is no recovery on the png.

I’ve had many hours now with MSFS being stable after following the MSFS zendesk recommendations. Before that I was getting a CTD anywhere from immediately to 20 minutes after launch.

I had one CTD since but it was during that timeframe where everyone seemed to be complaining about the weather related issues.

The latest/last version of Kerbal Space Program resolved those crashes. Building in the VAB was notorious for crashing. I’m sure we must have some KSP crossover users here. :slight_smile:

seem i solved my CTDs

– new win 11 install, no restore from backup
– get new cable for the Reverb G2 (warranty replacement)
now seem stabile.

I suspect a full re-install of W10, would have resulted in the same drop in CTDs.

Intermittent USB cables also seem to be a source of Hangs or CTDs :+1:

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Yes and usb sockets can get loose or damaged if used a lot, that’s mainly why I have a couple of 3 socket hubs that can be easily and cheaply replaced

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Yes – and it amazes me that the mini-usb used on Android cell phones, last as long as they do ( or don’t !! )

Especially the ones that only fit one way :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I thought they used a magnetic connector? Most I’ve seen fail are because of lint.

I have seen a drastic reduction in CTD after I scaled back graphic settings from Ultra to High except for the clouds (I‘m not a big graphics connoisseur so I don’t see much of a difference with many settings anyway).
I thought it was helping because the system was slightly overloaded on Ultra, but reading this thread it might actually be due to the power supply. The system is two years old and professionally tested, but sometimes the fuse to the room trips when I switch on the 3-way socket that it’s plugged into, so I suspect it’s not 100% healthy anyway.

What else to you have plugged into that same 3-way socket (or any other socket in the same breaker circuit) ? SPACE HEATER MAYBE !!!

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My whole computer stuff (which is a lot) is on the same circuit but the fuse trips even when everything is turned off, as soon as I switch the socket on (it has a main switch). Even when drawing Standby current it can’t cause that much current to trip the fuse.
When I switch the power supply off with its dedicated hardware switch, no problem occurs even if the rest of the computer stuff is running.

I switched out the 3 way socket because I thought it was faulty but it keeps happening.
I am not an electrician but I can’t imagine how a power supply on a switched off computer can overload the circuit when it gets plugged in.

What this game desperately DESPERATELY needs is a plain text crash-log file thats generated immediately after the CTD.

It will help so much in narrowing down the issue.

On other gaming forums you see someone asking for help and they attach their log file. Other experienced gamers then look at the file and find the issue.

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i know only one game, ets2 that has that, but ofcourse would be very very handy.