OFFER: Why do some CTD all the time while others do not?

Oh thats good to know! I play ATS and ETS but so far never had issues.

X-Plane 11 also spits out a log file after a CTD and that I have found hugely helpful.

SWS Kodiak 100 gives instant CTD for me in DX12.

Inrush current? Inrush current - Wikipedia

any log eg like in x-plane would help a lot !

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That could be it. Thanks for the info. I’ll do some research what the inrush current if a 550W power supply is.

That’s a known issue with the Kodiak.

I got around this by disabling my MB’s over-sensitive spike protection in bios (this only happened occasionally when turning my PSU on via the rear switch). Of course it’s all at my own risk but I no longer have an issue. I tested the mains and the RCD that trips is far more sensitive than any simple fuse.

I find it odd some claim to never get any CTDs. I also don’t think community content is responsible for the vast majority of CTDs. When I do get into CTD fits, safe mode does nothing to help.

I’ve gone a nice long stretch without one myself! But I may be in for it this weekend.

Default scenery is designed to be overwritten by mods and according to Seb most conflicts arise when one mod tries to overwrite files that have already been changed by another.

I got the game in May 2021 and only had one CTD since then - which was hardware related. My CPU was OC to 3.8Ghz , after I dropped it to 3.5 I have not had a single CTD. And this is on an ancient system. I’m frankly amazed that I can run MSFS on it at 35-45FPS whereas FSX with addons would be 10 FPS and below in some areas.

So far never had any issues with any Community addons.

I have had over a dozen CTDs today alone. I can’t even imagine not having CTDs at this point, it is a daily occurrence with no addons, safe mode or not. At this point I can’t even actually load the sim, it crashes the second I click Safe Mode or Normal Mode. I’ve tried every fix on the internet over the past 4 hours. No OC, nothing. This sim is extremely fragile.

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My system is ancient too, AMD FX-8350 8 Core with a GTX 1070. But age isn’t a good judge of computers anymore!

Yes, there seems to be no logic to it sometimes. I’ve put in a ton of hours the past week+ and no CTDs. But I’ve had days where I spent hours just crashing and restarting.

The 400 hours I have in the sim since I bought it in November last year says otherwise.

But I’ll bite:

  • Is your community folder empty and you still have CTDs?
  • Is your system overclocked or modified?
  • Are you sure you dont have any viruses, malware or your system is compromised in any way? Do you see strange processes in the task manager?
  • Are your drivers up-to-date?
  • Can you run stress benchmarks on your system without failing, like prime95 for CPU or unigine for GPU?

If the power supply is too weak then the full windows will crash, not the program u are using ! I had this after upgrading to the new graphics card.

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Not entirely true, just because that’s what happened to you doesn’t make it true for everyone. Sometimes gpu’s will downclock to be stable or windows will switch to internal graphics. I think it depends on the motherboard/chipset.

Oh lovely, yet another thread where those who had zero CTDs (up until now) will enlighten the rest about how it’s only the latters’ problem, as they need to downclock, disable XMP, reinstall everything, repaint their house and whatnot.

Meanwhile few are focusing on the fact that everything else on these PCs plays just fine (heavy games such as Cyberpunk included), that MSFS can crash because of such fleeting issues as a wrong livery (!), that it often crashes on a game console (!!), that 2 years later it still hasn’t got any useful dump/debugging tool and so on and so forth.

Let’s always blame the user.

All sandboxed titles no doubt tested for years behind closed doors before release. You cannot compare. How are MS supposed to test against Joe Bloggs’s backyard mod produced years before for a different sim? … there are literally thousands of mods out there.

This is true. The computer I’m on arrived at my place in November 2008. It has never failed me. Not once. So yes what you say is true. The old machine can be stable and a new best bought today can give problems.
With PCs its a real roll of the dice!

I just wonder how MSFS would run on it?