Official 2021 Oshkosh Virtual Airventure!


You can’t beat the show EAA’s Airventure puts on each year. But sadly, as you all know, things have been quite different since the beginning of last year and the world’s best air show had to be cancelled due to the nature of things (I wont mention it). But this year we have the ability to take a unique approach and bring the show “quite literally” to the virtual world!


The 2021 Virtual Oshkosh Airventure will be held from JULY 31st through AUGUST 1st for the first time in Microsoft Flight Simulator History! Come join the community for loads of fun and a few laughs! Anyone can join whether they are new or experienced pilot!


Here is what you need to know to make the most out of your virtual Airventure experience:

The event will be held on the Eastern USA server. Please make sure you can see “all players” before loading in.

We will be using the Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord server for normal voice communications but it is not required. Here is the link:

ATC will be provided only if there is a qualified controller available through VATSIM but is also not a requirement.

Thanks to a wonderful community developer “squawkingVFR” you have the option to download an amazing plugin that adds colored dots to the primary runway that is used just like it is in real life! These dots are used by controllers to tell pilots where to touch down on the runway. If you would like to try it out yourself here is the link: KOSH - Witman Regional Airport - Colored Runway Dots » Microsoft Flight Simulator

During the event it is recommended turn off the option to have generic aircraft sitting on the ground. This will prevent you from seeing two planes parked inside of each other. You can do this by going to “Options” > “Preferences” > “Traffic” > then turn aircraft on airport option to zero.

If you didn’t already know, some people may not see the correct aircraft another person has due to the fact it is an aircraft they downloaded that you do not have. If you would like to make sure other people see the exact aircraft you are flying it is recommended to stick with the aircraft provided by Microsoft but is not required.

Airport Layout

  • Yellow indicates parking for normal size aircraft
  • Red indicates parking for large aircraft

Courtesy Requests

The primary runways that will be used are 18 and 36. Please use the real world direction of the wind to determine which runway is being used (you do not have to use live weather in-sim if you don’t want to).

If you would like to load in at Oshkosh please do not spawn on the runway.

while this event is for new and experienced pilots, we ask you try and maintain a certain level of professionalism when operating your aircraft to make the event fun for everyone.

Before taking off, verify there is no one on final by looking both ways. When landing, maintain proper distance between you and anyone else trying to land. Verify there is no one on the runway trying to take off. It is understandable there may unfortunately be people who spawn onto the runway and do not move so use your best judgment.

The use of all other runways besides the primary should be avoided.

Please feel free to show off your maneuvers but be mindful of the active runway.


Feel free to comment below for any suggestions. This will be an exciting event!



Please share this with your fellow aviators! :airplane:

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EAA Airventure starts tomorrow. There is a very cool mod called Enhanced Live Traffic that lets you watch the arrivals of real aircraft virtually:

The mod gets all visible traffic and injects it into the sim. The arrivalls at Whittman now are very cool. Planes coming in in formation, etc.

The model matching still needs work. Anything it doesn’t match shows as an Airbus. And you have to set the path in the config file to your community folder as described at the page or everything will look like an Airbus.

Also, due to limitations in the data itself, aircraft teleport when on the ground. You can still tell where they are going, but they teleport. Known issue.

But I can watch aircraft land, taxi in, and park. Pretty cool. Some are coming in in formation.

Live traffic seems to be working okay sometimes but when FlightRadar, FlightTracking or whatever MSFS uses become saturated, noting is displayed.

I flew the VFR arrival yesterday right between two aircraft from Live Traffic using the same approach. I followed the aircraft down to the runway, continued following him to his parking space and parked next to him. AMAZING what MSFS can do!

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I am on my first leg from BDN should be there by tomorrow or the next day. Is someone going to be controller on Vatsim?

Welp, I guess this event was dead before it even began… Cool.