Official Airbus A380 for long distance Airbus flight

Since I started with Flight Sims, airliners have always been my go-to. The A320 in the base game is great but can’t do long distance flights. Would be awesome to see an official A380 in there to go with it. Any news on this officially or 3rd party? Or other Airbus aircraft?

I don’t think there will be new aircrafts coming from Asobo. The only thing we can do is wait for the other third party developers to build A380 for this sim… I’m actually waiting for the A350 myself for long hauls.

In the mean time, I’m good with the default 787.

I agree, an A350 would be awesome too, both would be epic from someone

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I like the A350 more because of the cockpit technologies they put. It’s more advanced than the A380 in my opinion. Especially if they include the HUD retrofit from Thales… Perfect airliner right there…

Yeah but A380 is really the big daddy, a350 is more modern but quite similar to the 787

I’d rather have the A380 first, then the A350 after that, but both great aircraft. Feels with the 747 and 787 that there’s room for an extra Airbus

Does anyone really want Asobo to make more aircraft?.. I certainly don’t.

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I know I don’t… But you have to admit, they make really good virtual cockpit rendering… 3rd party developers who did amazing work with the simulation engines and functions, need to be sure that their virtual cockpit rendering need to be at the same caliber as Asobo’s.

Agreed, they do look and react well, and in my view the actual aircraft are incredibly designed and I do enjoy flying the 320 regularly

I don’t want to see A380 with half functionality. 60% INOP not thing what i want see in this plane.
Let third party developer make them and i buy it.

Interestingly enough I believe I saw an A380 flying out of JFK but the aircraft not on my list.

Is it coming to the game?

If u haven’t came across the announcements yet, Both A350 and A380 are already in development by 3rd party developers.

A380 is in development by the “flybywire” team & A350 is in works by “sim4flight” who is infact a partner of flybywire …

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This is a generic Quad-Engine AI traffic. It’s not really A380, it’s just a simple model with the shape of an A380. It’s just used for AI traffic and it’s low-poly so it doesn’t affect FPS that much.

I spent more time flying the A380 than any other airline in XP. I really love it and the second place is the A350 and the third place is the A340. I wish to have these three busses in MSFS.

I actually would love to to fly an a380 as well I think it would be more exiting to fly than the 747 because I’m actually tired of always getting a 747 all the time and nothing else under the jumbo jet category

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The FlyByWire team that brings us the A32NX mod is working on the A380. Exciting stuff ahead…

I don’t think Asobo will ever release a Study Level A380, but I would be very happy if we get an A380 in the future that also appears in the Marketplace. Hopefully Asobo will manage to build a proper foundation for the Marketplace so that more developers are willing to release their products through this channel.

I think as long as the licensing allows open-source and give full control to the developer to release update of their addons immediately without having the need to wait for validation and approval, that should make the marketplace a more attractive platform for everyone.

Then again, if we are going down this road, everyone needs to accept that quality control will no longer the responsibility of the marketplace or Microsoft. Any bugs or CTD issues will have to be contacted directly to the developer, and Microsoft nor the Marketplace should not be liable for any complaints and issues caused by the contents within it.

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