[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: Chile Volcanoes

Was a great fun again! Thanks for planning and hosting and moderating the event :slight_smile:

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That was my first ever multiplayer flight, and first ever time on discord!

Those mountains were cool in VR.

Thanks for an awesome flight everyone!

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Next time I think I will take a slightly faster plane though - I seemed to have to keep the throttle pinned open just to keep up - something with jets will be a good option :grinning:

Yay MB339 gang :stuck_out_tongue:

In VR so pretty bad screenshots…

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I wasn’t able to join you guys for this flight, but did it today on my own. What a great flight plan and beautiful scenery.

But here are a few of my screen shots.


Perhaps send a ticket to Zendesk about that one to get it fixed. :+1: