[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: Southwestern United States

So glad it’s 19:00 as I’ll be in Moscow, Russia and that’s 22:00 so perfect timing for me :+1:
Thanks for the heads up about servers etc and all understood.


Oh thank goodness, I can sleep in and can also eat my cake by taking off from Flagstaff before the meet. Now NAZ summer afternoon weather isn’t as friendly because of monsoons if people were wanting to do live, but it seems there is a break in the weather right now till Monday.

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Just in case there is a misunderstanding:
If you set live weather, you get the live weather at the location you’re flying, not where you live :slight_smile: since we’re flying in the US, the weather there is relevant.

Yes you might have misunderstood me, I was indeed talking about possible heavy storms in the area of the flightplan in northern Arizona, which just so happens to be local for me. It is typical this time of year for storms, but I did check and it seems fine for now.

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Indeed a misunderstanding, mea culpa :slight_smile:
See you in the skies!

Would it cause a problem if I flew the Cessna 152? Would I struggle to keep up?) It’s just the only plane I’ve spent time practicing in but if need be I’ll give one of the other planes a whirl.

Hi @JohnBrace,

The Cessna 152 might be just a touch too slow (but not by much) for the flight today. On the other hand, the Cessna 172 would be ideal for this flight. There are some small differences from the C152, but overall it will feel very comfortable if you’re already experienced with the 152.

If you have some free time before today’s community fly-in, this is a perfect opportunity to watch the replay of Wednesday’s virtual flying lesson featuring Senior Community Manager @Jummivana and her instructor @Forder1702. The most recent lesson is specifically about transitioning from the Cessna 152 with conventional instruments to the larger Cessna 172 with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, so it’s perfect for where you are in your virtual flight training.

Good luck!


Ok thanks a lot and I’ll watch the video and it would be very helpful. I’ll have a bit of time so hopefully won’t embarrass myself too much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Don’t worry about being embarrassed! These community fly-in events are fun, friendly, and welcoming to pilots of any skill level. Nobody will criticize your flying skills, especially if you’re new and still learning! We want these flights to be an opportunity where you can enjoy a nice, relaxing flight and maybe learn something new. See you in the sky!


The C172 is an uprated C152 (especially the Steam one). The skills are much of a muchness. The C172 has electronic gadgetry but you can just ignore that pretty much if you want. All the speeds are 20% or so above the C152 equivalent. I would just jump in, watch most people take off and just go for it.

First flight is always interesting. Mine (VFR Carlisle to Edinburgh) was a right shambles. Most people have been there :slight_smile:


Got a CTD about 10 min after takeoff.
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000000000201560c

Tried to spawn in again but did not find a way to do that and also loading the flight plan at the same time. After loading the flight plan and set the departure point to another aircraft the flight plan disappeared. I navigated to that ship rock using HDR but after that I decided to quit.

Thanks everyone for joining and Jayne, SeedyL, Pieter, FactualGull and Ingo for hosting :slight_smile:

Had some trouble with my graphics, but the screenshots were luckily unaffected…

Live weather was great, but that 14kts crosswind on final at our destination was quite violent :smiley:


Thoroughly enjoyed that guys and thanks for arranging :+1: All in all a safe flight but couldn’t manage the landings mainly because I had no idea of altitude etc and from the 152 to 172 I had real trouble slowing the plane down. I can descend reducing throttle but speed seems to stay the same just under 100 and yet in 152 the speed drops.
Either way it was fun and really liked it and looking forward to the next one! Off to practice landings in a 172 now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Was fun flying with you all, have a great weekend.


Thanks for a great start to the weekend guys!


Oh how I’ve missed these fly-ins. After a couple of turbulent weeks in the community, it was refreshing to hear your voices again. Gorgeous scenery along the flight plan as usual, great company, and it was nice to see so many players, both old and new, joining us tonight. I hope the Xbox pilots enjoyed this one and will come for more!

Also I’m happy to report that thanks to Sim Update 5, these gnarly multiplayer stutters have been greatly reduced and made for a much smoother flight. Sadly I got a CTD right before the group shot, but I guess I’m lucky it didn’t happen earlier.


Thank you all ! It is good to have a calming flight after a week full of work. :grinning:




Well there is none. If you’re joining along the way, just spawn at the position of one of the participants and follow along without a flightplan. You won’t miss the bunch :smiley:

In case the route is based entirely on navaids, you can try to re-enter the flightplan once you’re in cockpit flying, starting with the last crossed waypoint. The GPS will find the right flight leg to activate.
But entering custom waypoints like this time is not possible in the GPS units.

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