[OFFICIAL] Community Fly-in Event: ThunderFlys

We will be hosting an Official Fly-in alongside a group of community members (you!) on Twitch. This is an open event, free to those who would like to fly along with us and available for all skill levels. The goal is to have a great time, explore new locations of the world, and make new friends.

Hosted by @Jummivana and @dTwotonemurphy

When: Friday, 1900Z, for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

There will also be a Discord event channel open for those who want to voice chat.

Please see below for details on the upcoming Fly-In Event.


We have an EXCITING fly-in stream featuring TwoToneMurphy and the Thunderflys.

ThunderFly Airshow The guys will put a routine together to showcase the possibilities of aerobatics within MSFS > 15 minutes

ThunderFly Interview We have have a brief interview with the group 15 minutes

Multiplayer Group Flight with the ThunderFlys Now you can join in and fly along with the guys as we practice some formations and aerobatic > 30 minutes

Multiplayer Group Flight Formations and Aerobatics Everyone can then try what they have learned into practise and we will all try a series of formations and some aerobatics going from Point A to Point B > 30 minutes

Here is the flight plan:

Everyone starts at KFFZ Falcon Field - (the ThunderFlys will be at an undisclosed airport for the airshow)

KFFZ - KFLG (Flagstaff) (1st group flight for practice)
KFLG - KPGA (Page Municipal) (2nd group flight for formation and aerobatics)


The ThunderFlys will use the MB339 from India Foxt Echo (Third Party Dev)

The group flights can use any of the following (ranked from the top per recommended):

C152 Aerobat
Extra 330

If you wish to download the ThunderFly livery: https://www.twotonemurphy.com/downloads

Please load your aircraft 10 minutes prior to take off and taxi over to the taxiway or parking.


Please adhere to the following settings so you can see everyone / be seen by everyone.

Variable Setting
Server North Europe
Multiplayer All
Live traffic As desired
Weather Live (dependent on weather
Time of Day Live


TwotoneMurphy will have voice comms set up on his server for those who would like to join: twotonemurphy

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, you can use “slew” mode to join the pack. If the pack will be too scattered before the first stop, we will use slew on a defined point to regroup.


This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.


Very enjoyable stream this morning, thanks for the formation coaching on discord Thunderflys!

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Watched a bit on Twitch Yesterday, awesome flight display everyone

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