[Official] Community Fly-In Friday: CERN

We will be hosting an Official Fly-in alongside a group of community members (you!) on Twitch. This is an open event, free to all who would like to fly along with us and available to pilots of all skill levels. The goal is to have a great time, explore new locations of the world, and make new friends. This event is open to pilots on both the PC and Xbox platforms.

Hosted by @SeedyL3205, @Jummivana, @Pieter2427, and @simtom2

When: Friday, March 10 @ 1900Z for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

There will also be a Discord event channel open for those who want to voice chat with other members of the community.

Please see below for details on the upcoming Fly-In Event:


Located on the outskirts of Geneva near the border between Switzerland and France, CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, one of the most influential scientific organizations in the world. On March 12, 1989, British computer scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee published a proposal for a new method for CERN researchers to share the vast amounts of information required for their work. This proposal later became known as the World Wide Web, one of the most transformative advances in human communication ever created. In recognition of the web’s anniversary, this week’s fly-in will be a beautiful flight in the shadow of the Swiss Alps en route to Geneva and CERN.

Since we’ll be in the area, we couldn’t resist ending the flight at Courchevel (LFLJ) where we’re sure to see some epic landings (or attempted landings :wink:) from the community. Does anyone dare try to land an Antonov An-225 at LFLJ?

Pilots on PC can download the .pln file below:
2023-03-10 CERN.PLN (5.5 KB)

We will be starting at LSZR. Please load your aircraft 10 minutes prior to take off and taxi over to the runway in preparation for departure.


Recommended aircraft: Cirrus SR22, Beechcraft Bonanza, Diamond DA62, or any other plane of your choice that can maintain a cruise speed of approximately 150-160 knots. Bragging rights will be awarded to anyone who successfully lands the Antonov An-225 at Courchevel. :wink:


Please adhere to the following settings so you can see everyone / be seen by everyone.

Variable Setting
Server SE Asia
Multiplayer All Players
Live traffic As preferred
Weather Few Clouds
Time of Day Daytime

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, you can use “slew” mode to join the pack. If the pack will be too scattered before the first stop, we will use slew on a defined point to regroup.


To communicate with others, a voice channel on the "Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord” at https://discord.gg/msfs will be available to join.


This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.


Would like to try and land the Antonov An-225 at Courchevel, I know I would crash but it’s not out for the Xbox yet. Maybe later this month I’ll give it a shot.


As per my own tradition, I did the event today.

I may have missed a few add-in points to fly over but they would be the ones closer to the landing airport that may have been blocked by the large square on the map.

The video will be up tomorrow at 9 am

Oh and I’ll gladly take a bow at the fact that while I was flying in the Beachcraft Bonanza I did crash at Courchevel I’ve never been that great at the landing, to be honest for the longest time I would just land in water since I find that to be the easiest spot to land.
I originally dove down for the landing and realized I was going way too fast so I wanted to swoop around, but I couldn’t get my plane pulled back up above the trees in time.

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Im taking the C310 today, but can someone post the waypoints in a list, as each time I try to lead the flight plan I get the weird legs that go to the North Pole….

You need to disable Navigraph in your Community folder, I don’t think they’ve fixed it yet. That should solve this problem.

I’d love to fly the AN-225 on this community flight, especially given the landing challenge!
Except… when I tried purchasing it from the Marketplace it said the transaction was failed, but the amount is deducted from my paypal! Not the first time this has happened to me on the MSFS Marketplace…

yeah, i don’t wanna do that, I’m happy to plug the flight plan in manually though

UPDATE: I found if I download the flight pland and open it in TextEdit I can see all the waypoint anf manually enter them. :slight_smile: If anyone has issues loading the flight plan in this is a good alternative…

Hello @ElkanDavid,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with a Marketplace purchase. Please contact our support team via Zendesk (link below), and they should be able to get this sorted out for you.



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Thank you, will do!

This aeroplane is on the roundabout next to the departure airport: J-1111 | De Havilland Vampire FB.6 | Switzerland - Air Force | Mirko Bleuer | JetPhotos

Could think of a better aeroplane to take than this…


Navigraph had created a workaround for this issue, and it should be reflected in the latest AIRAC cycle. All you need to do is update to the latest via the NavData center, if you hadn’t.




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I had to revisit the Courchevel runway. First time all was fine until I caught the hill before landing. Fail :joy:

Set up a new flight and tried again a few times, and got a pretty good landing! Nice satisfaction feeling with that haha.

Be good to see some more challenging runways in future events!