[Official] Community Fly-In Friday: Iceland

We will be hosting an Official Fly-in alongside a group of community members (you!) on Twitch. This is an open event, free to all who would like to fly along with us and available to pilots of all skill levels. The goal is to have a great time, explore new locations of the world, and make new friends. This event is open to pilots on both the PC and Xbox platforms.

Hosted by @SeedyL3205, @Jummivana, @Pieter2427, and @simtom2

When: Friday, January 6 @ 2000Z for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

There will also be a Discord event channel open for those who want to voice chat with other members of the community.

Please see below for details on the upcoming Fly-In Event:


Happy new year! :confetti_ball: :tada: :sparkler: :fireworks: For our first fly-in of 2023, we will be visiting Iceland, one of the countries featured in World Update V: Nordics! Iceland is a stunningly beautiful country with some truly fantastic natural scenery. It’s also the home nation of Eurovision contestants Fire Saga, known internationally for their hit song “Ja Ja Ding Dong”. Our flight plan will take us to a popular aviation-themed Icelandic tourist destination, the wreckage of a DC-3.

Pilots on PC can download the .pln file here:
2023-01-06 Iceland.PLN (2.9 KB)

We will be starting at BIKF. Please load your aircraft 10 minutes prior to take off and taxi over to the runway in preparation for departure.


Recommended aircraft: CubCrafters X or NX Cub, Cessna 172, Pipistrel Virus, Flight Design CTSL, Pilatus PC-6 Porter, or any plane of your choice with a cruise speed of about 120 knots.


Please adhere to the following settings so you can see everyone / be seen by everyone.

Variable Setting
Server SE Asia
Multiplayer All Players
Live traffic As preferred
Weather Few Clouds
Time of Day Daytime

It is advised in this flight to turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, you can use “slew” mode to join the pack. If the pack will be too scattered before the first stop, we will use slew on a defined point to regroup.


To communicate with others, a voice channel on the "Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Discord” at https://discord.gg/msfs will be available to join.


This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.


Looking forward to the fly-in event this week! I’ve missed them during the holiday season and am excited to participate in them again!

It’s weird that the moment I actually have a lot of time to do these flights we stop doing them :wink:


How does landing work in multiplayer? Does everybody just do their own thing and land regardless of runway clear or not, or does in game ATC actually offer separation from multiplayer traffic?

Everyone just does their own thing. If we had to wait for ATC clearance, the stream would be over before half the participants were even cleared for takeoff.


What make with [2023-01-06 Iceland.PLN| ?

Load flight sim and go to the world page. At the bottom choose More…then Load save. Choose where you have the file on your PC and click on load. The flight will then set up for you.

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Looks like using runway 19 out of BIKF.



This was my first fly-in, so much fun! You picked the perfect time/location! I really enjoyed watching everyone’s flight style, and aircraft choices. My favorite part was right at the end, when approaching BIHN several pilots followed a spontaneously ordered and wonderful perfectly spaced base and final. No radio comms either! Thanks for a great flight!!