[Official] Community Fly-In Friday: Meigs Field

Meigs Field :heart_eyes: such a great souvenir from FS2002/FS2004!!! My first steps in simming and aviation! … and there we go in 2022!!! :airplane: :love_you_gesture: :clap:

I’m gonna miss the flight tomorrow and the update :cry: back home at the end of the next week, it wasn’t planned! :triumph:

Longue vie à MSFS 2020!


You can open PLN files in Little Nav Map running on any computer and see the route and nearby nav aids / airports. I believe it is using Navigraph data in this case, might want to verify navaids in the sim itself. I’m sure you can just follow the crowd too.


That is very helpful of you, strangely enough after failing with SkyVector I had tried Little Nav Map and got it to load! I downloaded the global data but just had one issue regarding Meigs departure point no longer being an airport in the database! This affects elevation profile! Will try to tinker with coords entry but it will be interesting to see if I can set up a start point before the update just using coords (custom) and save that pln on the xbox before the update!:grin:

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Thank you, @WinterBand54341
To take an advance look at downloaded flight plans for Community Events, I had only opened PLN files in Notepad. That is still useful as a quick way to get exact details on “the numbers” (lat/long/elevation etc.) of each waypoint in any PLN file.

But … before I read your post, I have to admit I hadn’t thought of using Little NavMap for this “advanced planning”. That is such a very helpful and easy-to-use idea to take a good look at the route and each airport along the way, in advance of the Event, or even to take a peek at flight plans I had saved as PLN files a while ago!

Thanks again for sharing this tip! :+1: :+1: :star_struck:

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For those too young to know or too old to remember what the Meigs Field area used to look like, here is a satellite image from over 27 years ago.

Meigs Field on March 26, 1996


Meigs Field on July 3, 2021

Credit: Google Earth Pro


Meigs Field was like my training grounds! If I had a dollar for every time I crashed trying to approach this place, I could buy a PC that could actually run MSFS they way it was intended. LOL!

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This should be great flight! Takes me back to my days with the first MSFS on my Commodore 64. Just hoping the update gets done before flight time. Come on download!!!

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Hope I will not disturb this thread but,

I expect maybe :slight_smile: typical flight from MS Flight simulator from Merril Meigs to Champaign Urbana via Greater Kankakee :slight_smile: This was my favorite flight from begining in 1992 :wink:


Hi. 80% or so on the MSFS40 download, may be able to make it by 3p.

Question: Where should one place the .pln file? Searched, they are inside paths like these:




Hello @FS2020Solo9639,

You can place the .pln file in any convenient location of your choice, such as “Downloads” or “Desktop”. You can load it from the World Map by pressing spacebar.



You can put the .pln file anywhere (I use my desktop) and then load it when you start you flight. I think its under the More options at the bottom of the screen. Sadly I’m downloading as well so I can give you the exact method. Not sure if I’m going to make the 4pm time here. Only at 50%.

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Kinda historic for me, first Twitch ever, so saving it where I can find it later:

C:\SteamLibrary\Twitchin (Folder)

Otherwise, now realizing I did save some of these when I started, with starts and ends - nowadays simply enjoy setting a landing, work on the glideslope, try to leave enough runway to take off again. May start saving them as I transition to flying IRL.

Appreciate the immediate response - what an awesome “COP - Community of Practice” this place embodies.

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87%, 22Mbps (Historic - fastest ever!) so I keep my fingers crossed I can set the Pilatus at KCGX this afternoon. Otherwise, I’ll just watch. Again, new to me. Appreciate the reply…

Nice. I’m only getting 8.7 here. Don’t think I’m going to make it so I guess I’ll only be observing today.


I recommend very easy solution, simply click LOAD and some window appears with some defined Path :wink: look at that path and put that FPL inside via some file manager. After that when you click LOAD inside sim, it shows that path but check file type on selection.

Hello again - the “SE Asia” server setting, where exactly?

As the game is currently updating, assume top right corner, underneath the username? Think speeds and server and logoff, what the dropdown shows.

Or is there another place? Think I know where the rest of the multiplayer settings are located. Just this one. Appreciated.

Flown the same route in fs95 :slight_smile:


Click on your profile name in the upper right hand of the screen. In the dropdown you will be able to select a different server.

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Wanted to join this event but got 2 CTDs in a row starting at Meigs in the Beaver and gave up after that. I have the add on Chicago landmarks and wonder if that is compatible with the new Meigs. I also had a 3rd part Meigs that I uninstalled ahead of time.

Thanks - looks like I had disabled it also inside the general settings, first I had to go there, then I was able to change it. Was able to enjoy a portion of the Twitch. Enjoy!