[Official] Community Fly-In Friday: Nordics

I enjoyed the second flight (Sweden to Norway) more than Iceland. The insider secret is I had to do the Iceland flight twice cause I crashed into one of the mountains trying to get some good views.

But I got some really good views on this flight, especially near the end when I got to fly into the sunset.

Not to mention being able to now say I’ve logged just over 400 hours

I flew this week’s community fly-in flight plan from Sweden to Norway. Around the third waypoint and after, this is how the terrain looks like.

In general, the terrain was not detailed throughout the flight. Matrices and grids all over the terrain.

Please enlarge the photos for better detail (or lack of it!)

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Did you fly this route today? There was a Bing Data outage so that might have affected what you saw.


Yes, earlier today. About 8 hours ago.

Where did they post any news about that?

There’s a banner near the top of the forum.


Right here :slight_smile: Bing Maps Outage 2023-11-15

Suggest marking that category (#msfs:news-and-announcements) as “watching” so you will get notified in the future :smile:

EDIT: Also what Tom said :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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My two cents, why split the group? Doesn’t that defeat the point of a group flight.

Different ideas are a good thing but at least perhaps make it start/end at the same place. Making it kind of a bullseye event.

I will say though having the option for slower aircraft is a nice change. Too many of the flights are for 120KTS and above which prevents some of the bush planes (Wilga, Zenith, etc) and helicopters being suitable if you want to stay with the group.

So great idea just maybe needed a bit more fleshing out. Or ran over separate weeks.

I think that the main cause for the two flight plans are for a few reasons :slight_smile:

1.) The new World Update, WU15, covers a lot of land that I guess may not be able to all be covered in one flight.

2.) There is a Multiplayer Beta Test flight as well on of these flight plans, so that may be the cause of the split as well.

More reason to do Norway/Sweden one week and then Iceland another. Just can’t help feel we aren’t given those countries enough time in the limelight.

True, and I agree with you, but given that next week is a holiday for some, the team may want to do something in relation to it (Thanksgiving) :blush:

But hey, you can always fly the second flight plan and watch the VOD after :slight_smile:

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Ah so we put it down to the world update being delayed…just cram it in then :wink:

Valid suggestion but I don’t tend to watch the VOD, the fun is in the group flight not the yabbering.

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Route 2 is very simillar to our last community flight we did last sunday:

So I flew again… just now…

And was so disheartened that I did a water landing by cutting the power then and there… and where I landed, please take a look at the DEM in the background.


Will route 2 be broadcast on Twitch for the Final Beta Test 5?
It would be nice to be able to communicate with other Beta testers via Twitch chat.

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It will be streamed on Twitch for what I know :slight_smile: since I think one of the hosts is on the beta.

I may be wrong though! :blush:


Hello @CooganBear,

Members of our panel will be flying both routes, and we’ll be jumping between each panelist’s POV on the Twitch broadcast.



Sounds good.
Thanks for the response. :cowboy_hat_face:




Beautiful scenery and weather. I picked the Iceland route and got to see the duality of Iceland. Whether it was accurate or broken, I somehow lost my snow part way through but got some great screenshots out of it! And this little Canadian trainer made the long trek to get up here so it was worth it.

Just losing the sun on long approach.

Gorgeous light on the water on approach.

Losing the snow for the grass.

No more ice or snow to be found.


Found some clouds on descent.

Beautiful climbout

And an early end for me as I have to head out today. Safe flying everyone, see ya when you get here!