[Official] Community Fly-In: GA vs. Airliners Featuring Yawman Arrow & Guest Co-Hosts: Jon Ostrower & Thomas Nield

We’ve got a special Community Fly-In coming up with our friends from Yawman, makers of the Arrow flight control! The Arrow features all the controls you need to operate any aircraft – whether it’s a basic GA plane like a Cub or Cessna 152 or a complex modern jetliner – in a compact and convenient gamepad form factor.

This is an open event available to all pilots of any skill level and on any platform.

In this event, we’re offering participants their choice of two exciting flight plans, each starting at different locations but converging for a full stop landing at Seattle, Washington.

Joining us as a guest co-host will be Jon Ostrower, co-founder of Yawman, editor-in-chief of The Air Current, and co-host of The Air Show podcast. As a journalist with many years experience covering the aviation industry, Jon will be sure to entertain and educate viewers with his expert knowledge of the business of flying.

Also joining is Thomas Nield, another co-founder of Yawman and an Instructor of Aviation Safety at the University of Southern California. Previously, Thomas worked in the airline industry as a consultant for Southwest Airlines.

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome both Jon and Thomas to the channel! :smiley:

Hosted by: @Chewwy94, @SeedyL3205, Thomas Nield, and Jon Ostrower
When: Monday, June 17 @ 11:00am PDT (1800 UTC).
Where: The official Microsoft Flight Simulator Twitch channel

Flight Plan Option 1: General Aviation
For those who like hands-on stick & rudder flying, join @SeedyL3205 as we start at Pemberton (CYPS) to experience a scenic flight along British Columbia’s beautiful Sea to Sky Highway from Whistler to Vancouver. From CYVR, we’ll continue across the Canada-USA border into Washington state for a touch & go at Friday Harbor (KFHR) then onwards to our final destination of Seattle (KSEA). Pick any GA plane of your choice with a cruising speed of about 110 knots.

Pilots on PC can download the .pln file here:
MSFS x Yawman - GA Edition.PLN (7.1 KB)

Flight Plan Option 2: Jetliners
To show off the capabilities of the Yawman Arrow for airliner ops, @Chewwy94 will be leading a flight from Calgary (CYYC) to Seattle Tacoma (KSEA) in the new Airbus A320neo V2! With beautiful high altitude views as we cross the border from Canada to the USA, we’ll perform all of the manual flying of our airliner with the Yawman Arrow. If you’d like to join with this route, make sure your aircraft choice is able to cruise between mach 0.76-0.80.

Pilots on PC can download the .pln file here:
MSFS x Yawman - Airliner Edition.pln (7.0 KB)

This is awesome! I love this idea!

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Is this event going to be on the SE Asia server as the Friday flights? (edit: it looks like servers are down)

I can see other players without issue, but the stream hasn’t started yet…

Hi folks,

Thanks for standing by. We’ve got a delay due to an ongoing tech outage that’s affecting some people but not others. We’re working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.



Hi folks,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ETA for when the ongoing tech issues that are affecting some players will be resolved, so we made the difficult decision to postpone today’s stream. The new date will be Monday, June 17. The start time remains the same: 11:00am PDT / 1800 UTC.

Apologies for the delay, and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!




That was a fun flight and interesting to learn about the Yawman! I flew the GA route in the Cessna 310R.


Fun flight! Really enjoyed having two routes to choose from! :airplane: