Official Discussion: December 2nd, 2021 Development Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


@Jummivana will there be an opportunity for the Steam users to be the testers as well in the future? I’m sorry if this has been discussed and answered before. Thanks!

There has been a lot of discussion on that topic for awhile, and the want is there for sure as we definitely hate that Steam users are excluded during these flights. It’s our goal to have enough resources to support testing on both platforms in the future, though we aren’t sure at once point that will be!


In the Triage Update there’s talk about fixing the issues “ASAP” and “A fix is in place for an upcoming release”. Can we derive from that, there will be some kind of hotfix before Christmas?


Good update - hopefully those who are raising a lot of threads about the issues that are on the fix list will be willing to take part in the testing - that way they shoud be able to satisfy themselves that things really are fixed and give them a great opportunity to influence the outcome as much as they can.


These fixes are a part of the announced flight (pre-release testing) that starts on Monday. It is set to “ASAP” since the release date for that update is not set currently.


Understood thanks.


Can the team take a look at the current bug with the high temperatures above FL200? Please try to fix it soon :slightly_frowning_face:


I believe a fix for that will be a part of testing in next week’s flight.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey, do you know if the team managed to find a fix for the bug where when you click the middle mouse scroll to pan around the cockpit, it resets the view/zoom?

Thanks for your help

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Thanks for the heads up, Jayne. I won‘t be able to make the test flight but I‘m looking forward to the update/fixes.


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Is the team aware about the new weather bug affecting everyone as of today where temperatures spike to 250ºC over FL240?


A good and thorough update. People will be pleased that all the recent concerns since SU7 have been not only worked on and resolved over the quiet period; but prepared for a pre-release testing build to ensure stability.

I will get the insider app tomorrow. I’m just hoping there’s a fix soon that will allow the Flyingiron Spitfire Mk IX to have a closeable door! Still bitter about spending £20 on that and I can’t use it from cold & dark. Something about WASM coding not running on the XBOX which was apparently fixed in a blog update at the start of the month.

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Why not even no mention of 787 reverse binding errors?

I believe that’s what’s being talked about in this exchange.


Are you planning to re-use that horrendous watermark that appeared for the SU7 beta testing?. What about the reverse thrust bug and forcing scenery developers to have parking spots connected to taxiways and then connected to runways? I assume the assistance option persistence will be corrected.

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As this is a public flight there will be no watermarks.


The full list of bug fixes will be live by Monday! Definitely more than just the six we shared in the update.