Official Discussion: January 6th, 2022 Development Update

For a start I am not using the Stable Version of the FBW mod. If this is down to the mod then perhaps you could explain why I cannot get any Metars from the weather menu on the toolbar?

You say that if Atis is available then Metars must be working. You do understand that an Atis and a Metar are not the same thing?

The ATIS is reading back among other things the wind, temperature, dew point, visibility, cloud formation and height and local altimeter, which correspond to the METAR at that location. ATIS isn’t just reporting active runways. So if the ATIS/AWOS/ASOS is reading that information (and you can visually verify things like visibility and cloud formation height while cold & dark or at hold-short), then Live WX is working.

Can you confirm you were not on between 2300Z and 0012Z? That’s the daily outage window.


Great update. Everything is running smooth and clouds and weather looks really good.

Don’t know what’s going on with some folks complaining out there, but the sim is getting better and better. For me at least!


I have discovered that METAR works fine in Europe and also works on the FBW A32NX. However, there is no METAR data for Canadian Airports…. At least nothing for Toronto or Ottawa. So there is clearly a server issue for Asobo to think about.

Try setting up a flight from Toronto to Ottawa in Canada……

So where is the fix for the mouse clicks being off ?

I have checked the release notes and it is not there.

Fixing the click spots issue by turning lens correction off is NOT the solution.

Yes. Followed MS un-install procedure. Then re-installed from the Xbox app per same procedure for new clean install to new path (e.g. C:\MSFS…

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What about LOWI? It is outdated since world update 6 in September. We are in January and I still waiting for a marketplace update. We are reaching the 5 months barrier… And nothing on the horizon…I think it is a bad joke

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It was included in the beta install instructions, and in several separate posts by moderators at the time the beta came out (and afterward).


Maybe there needs to be another column to go along side the ETA for a fix… ie ETA for being broken again.

Volumetric lighting in VR… works… then breaks and then takes 3+ months to fix?
Overexposed VR… what on earth can still be “Under Investigation”?

I find the whole voting system a stupid concept anyway so why would I be surprised. “Hey bought my car in for a service and you didnt fix the alternator… Sorry Mate, had a whip around the shop and it didnt get enough votes”.


People keep saying Microsoft . Isn’t it Asobo?

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The altitude bug still hasn’t been fixed. Flying above ~44,000 ft still dramatically slows jets to being unflyable. They had 2 months to fix that. While most aircraft in the sim don’t fly above the, F-18 and many third party do. Do they have an ETA on that fix?

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Previous updates went well for me. Not this time though. After Jan 6 update yesterday my sim locks up on loading screen (the screen showing the Porter to be exact). Rebooted several times but gets stuck on the same place. I removed all contents from my Community folder before the update btw. :disappointed:

Wow, thanks so much.

Note the METAR in the corner… Note my altitude… This is fixed? I have to admit, after cutting dev a lot of slack for a year and a half, this is the first time I’m actually a little insulted. This is atrocious. I don’t know how this got past QA… KBUR is not some backwater part of the world that nobody ever goes. This is bad.


It’s a Microsoft product in a Microsoft environment (Xbox, Microsoft Store), developed by Asobo.


Thank you. I’m currently reinstalling from Xbox on the default path. I’ll see how it goes.

The sim is best installed on a custom path if possible.

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Fixed. I logged out of my MS Store account, rebooted pc, logged back into the Store account and launched the sim again. Success! :sweat_smile:


When selected the A320 NEO or the A330-900 (downloaded from msfsaddon) loading is incredibly slow and it doesn’t load the game to fly. When i select a plane that’s standard included in FS2020 then it works.

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