Official Discussion: July 15th, 2021 Development Update

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Not sure if my game has decided to be dumb, but I can’t seem to find the Orbis aircraft in the marketplace. Really excited to take a look at it though, it looks amazing!


Does this mean we can fly the MD-10?

No MD-10, they’re simply a partner…

“We are delighted to announce today that we are partnering with Orbis International, a non-profit organization transforming lives through the treatment and prevention of avoidable blindness, to give flight simmers the chance to virtually explore the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital.”

they should make it flyable and charge people for it, then give all the $$$$ to Orbis


That’s actually not a bad idea.

Other games have skins, etc. to sell for charity but usually it’s in the range of a few bucks.

I wouldn’t mind to buy orbis liveries for the default airplanes for a few bucks to support them

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I cannot wait for this sim update and performance gain! The stuttering and inconsistent performance has been driving me mad!!

With all of the updates with FBW A320neo and Fenix A320ceo, I am finally getting back into flight sim again.

There is just one more maddening “feature” that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Has anyone heard anything about getting rid of that silly logbook popping up upon engine shut down? It is super annoying that this is still an issue and I don’t see why this can’t be fixed easily. All they have to do is add an option to disable it. Yet on the wish list, it only states “planned, 2021”…

That said, the updates seem to finally improve the sim more than destroy it now, and ever since the last update, I can enjoy flying through clouds without turning into an icicle. Though oddly enough, lightning seems to again be an issue.

Keep topics & posts on the topic and not on each other.

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It was disabled for a while, between WU3 and 4 I believe, or at least it was for me lol … it came back though a while ago and is doing it all the time now … so annoying as it breaks immersion quite badly lol.

Can someone post some screenshoots of the MD-10?

I would but I can’t find it. The news article doesn’t exist and nothing of the sort is in the Marketplace.

I would love to say I was suprised, but I am not. But who knows, maybe they’ll try and claim ownership of Microsofts 747 liveries, and threaten legal action :roll_eyes:


Thanks Jeremy

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Captain Sim should attempt to pursue legal action against Boeing for using CS’s 4 engine idea on the 747s.

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The news says, that it will be available on 27th of July, so together with the next Sim Update. But to point it out again: it is only a visual model, that can be toured inside. It is not a flyable plane.

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Here’s a link to the Orbis flying eye hospital page:

@Jummivana looks like the link in the dev update is incorrect

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Where can we find the Orbis Aircraft in the sim?

Oh no, Captainsim. The horror has become true.


If you read the Dev notes it says the Orbis plane will be available in the marketplace on the 27th July.
It will not be flyable, you can just roam around inside and look at all the equipment etc…