Official Discussion: July 29th, 2021 Development Update

Hi Jane. The community has already highly upvoted a request for a slider for PC users to control the pop-ins: Slider to adjust/disable the scenery culling (reduce panning pop-in and stutters)

People with very powerful and expensive computers should have the option to reduce the pop-ins at an expense of lower FPS. This would be the ultimate solution that would satisfy those with weaker PCs (who don’t mind the pop-ins for the boost in FPS) and those with powerful computers who don’t mind a reduction in FPS in exchange for less pop-ins.

I hope you can pass this wishlist item that has already received a lot of upvotes to to Asobo.


I really hope this hotfix will fix the missing jetways issue… Fingers crossed !

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Yesterday I finally got around to loading the updated simulator. When I loaded a flight, egkk to egph, in the fmgc there were no runways or procedures listed for egph. I shutdown and after restarting loaded a flight in the opposite direction, egph to egkk and this time there was no procedures listed for egkk.

What to do?

Thanks for the hotfix. Beyond that and the issues around pop-in, could the team please address / correct:

  • Corrupted control profiles which make planes unflyable
  • Changes in colour saturation
  • Broken camera controls (e.g. external camera / drone freelook rates)

I’ve tried doing that to fix the issue, but even when using the scanning feature it sees several buttons as the same one.
I’ve pretty much given up on msfs untill a fix comes out, which is disappointing when I bought the hotas purely for this game.

And also the bug of no more surface wind gusts, since SU4

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I am sorry to hear that. Make sure you file a support request here Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support. It’s technically the official place to report bugs for the simulator, as your issue is stopping you from using the simulator I’ve pre-selected the “I need technical support” category for you.

If you know of topics in the #bugs-and-issues category, upvote those to raise awareness of the issue.

Failing that, I hope a patch comes out to fix your issue soon.

Thanks Nyx1819, I appreciate your help.

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What about antialiasing fix in VR?

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No fix for the mouse bug?! It’s freakin annoying.

Hotfix fixes critical problems, but changing the distance for drawing textures, image exposure, general deterioration in graphics quality - after the update, it also became a problem! So I am forced to reiterate this in this thread in the hope that the development team will pay due attention to it. Now I can play at Ultra instead of High at the same 30 frames per second on my laptop, thanks, but earlier the quality on High suited me much more than it is now on Ultra. Perhaps the only thing that distinguished msfs 2020 from its competitors is the excellent rendering quality, but now it is gone. Reduce my FPS, but return the quality to which I am used to and for which I bought this product.

And we need to come up with something with the processing of a new system of interaction in the cockpit. We have to use the old version, because the new implementation has too many unnecessary pop-up information and hints.


what needs to be fixed:

  • crazy framerate when downloading updates/packages
  • crazy overexposed image
  • crazy colors like purple water etc.
  • crazy unloading of the objects from the scene
  • crazy trim in cessna 172

also please disable the hangar view in menu - it is a waste


Another thing, I cannot chose the server to connect within the sim. Is this an issue for anyone else?

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was there no marketplace update till now? anybody knows if the marketplace update is coming after the patch?

Open a thread in the Bugs&Issues section and provide all the details (aircraft, 3rd party contents etc).
A discussion thread about an update is certainly not the right spot to report an issue.

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I’ve only got a limited understanding of this but isn’t ITT a product of the engine torque? I.e. higher torque = higher ITT.

In those shots as you climb your engine torque is dropping (which I believe is correct?) but ITT remains the same relatively. So if your torque was raised to match what it was at lower altitudes wouldn’t your ITT also be higher? therefore your ITT would be rising for the same torque as you climb.

Also is this the highest torque you can generate at 12k? I recall I could push the throttle up to ~2330 as per the POH at around 12k when I was testing.

Maybe this needs to be taken to a different discussion where more knowledgeable members can weigh in on whether the turboprop logic has improved or not.

Yes, you need to enable multiplayer in data to enable the server options. It’s clear the server used there is only for multiplayer.

The lighting, colors (I disabled color grading) and AA just seem so odd, almost like a cartoon feel to the whole environment, crazy to think cause comparing with SU4 screenshots the differences in lighting, color, shimmering etc are certainly noticeable, have others experienced this behavior?

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Thanks! Before su5 I could choose server, although multiplayer was disabled.

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yeah was the same for me, maybe a bug?