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This KA10m is curious, a single seat helicopter.

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Annnnnnd…Xbox WASM has officially been pushed out to next year (if that). I think I’m just going to not bother caring about it anymore.

It’s obvious we’ll get all excited once “the time draws near” and Asobo will pull the rug out from under us and announce it’s cancellation.


Yup. Maybe come clean and just be honest with whatever the problem is? Continuing to kick the can to each SU isn’t making me very happy. And the weather “radar” on Xbox added with SU10 is a joke. Without tilt control it’s not a radar (well…except for an aircraft with autotilt like the CJ4 which, spoiler alert, doesn’t have radar enabled).


Totally agree. They can’t just keep silent and treat Xbox as 3rd class simmers against Xbox and expect us to not be well and truely annoyed. Especially given this isn’t even like the 5th time we have had a major disappointment with no communication just finding some small text changed. I mean I personally thing the main team know full well this but continue to actively mislead and basically use smoke and mirrors to avoid any accountability. Not cdirectly related but they litrally advertised the Twin Otter as ON XBOX NOW when launched on PC and it’s still not there. In my country that’s very likely a crime for misleading advertising to that extent especially given gone silent on it since. I keep wanting to be proven wrong in my views of the main team but they only get worse the more judge on actions.


For SU11, is it possible to add two features for the AI Traffic ?
→ Make the aircraft vacate runway faster, possiblyy from the first exit possible without reducing their speed to 5 knots,
→ Increase the taxi speed

That’d be really great for people who fly offline.


Does anyone happen to know what exactly was updated with the Reno and Maverick packs? They all seem to have an “updated” tag in the MP, but not seeing any updates available in the Content Manager.

Load times have decreased from 3 minutes to 1:45, anyone else noticed an improvement?

That would be great for anyone that flies with any form of AI traffic, not just offline. Those are the 2 biggest issues and compound most of the other AI traffic issues.

Does anybody know the status of the Turboprop Engine Logic Issues - Vol 2? This used to be on the Development Update Wishlist as “under investigation” but it has somehow disappeared (or at least I seem unable to find it). I own most of the turboprop planes in msfs and they all suffer to some degree from an inability to properly model turboprop engine behaviour (beta range, reverse pitch, etc.) I notice that they have recently introduced some new axes for condition levers and perhaps the prop physics that is coming for helicopters will also help with turboprops. In any event, I am puzzled that this important wishlist item appears to have disappeared.


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