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From the black screen/avionics workaround for PC:

For PC, if you are experiencing this issue, try the following workaround:

  • Flip the ENG switches off prior to starting a flight. This only applies to the piston aircraft (e.g. C172, DA40).
  • Unbind the “Set Starter” from the ENG 1 switch

What is an “ENG switch”? The C172 and DA40 don’t have one, and I can’t think of any piston aircraft that does.

I am very confused. Am I playing some weird stepchild of IL2 and DCS but with no combat or am I playing MSFS?

Can someone please give an update on the Seneca and Just Flight Arrow marketplace/Xbox releases?


I highly recommend staying far away from that Deimos Sukhoi plane that was released. As many here know, their stuff is really bad and their most recent aircraft (Viper) had to be removed from all stores because they plagiarized DC Designs code and had to settle with JustFlight. I can’t understand why they are still a Microsoft Partner. Those people are the worst.


You can not tell me with a straight face at this point that Xbox users are not getting left behind. Seriously, two more jets? Approve the Arrows and the Seneca already. I’m so tired of these cheap 3rd party aircraft that literally no one is asking for. Enough is enough at this point.


I agree bizarre. Plus they have a sale on carenado planes but there’s only two in the Xbox marketplace?


I’ll likely pick up the Seneca since it’s on offer.

I believe this applies to this peripheral:

Flip those off prior to starting a flight in the piston aircraft.

And another to be aware of:
Do not keep the ignition at Start, but move it to Both after the engine is running. Keeping it at Start will engage the starter and drain the battery.


And to those who are thinking about that MiG-15, here is a gentle reminder as well - it’s MScenery. It is absolutely awful on all accounts. So, don’t complain if you buy that and the Deimos “aircraft”… I recommend searching this forum for the review threads. There are plenty. I don’t think I remember a single person saying anything good, so it’s not just me. :wink:


PC users tried for a year and failed to get Asobo/MS to understand that the Marketplace was in dire need of 1) streamlining of releases and updates and 2) moderation of extremely poor quality addons. They’ve not done anything to my knowledge to address either, and the XBox users are going to suffer the most. It’s unfortunate.


Thanks for the clarification, that makes more sense. So the switches referred to are peripheral switches, not switches in the simulated aircraft.

It just comes off as completely tone deaf when you have Xbox users begging for the same 2 or 3 add ons all over these forums day in and day out. Yet they continue to release stuff like what ever you want to call the Mig and the Sukhoi. It makes absolutely no sense and they clearly could not care less about correcting it.


The sale is across platforms. I would assume this is just to pump up sales before SU6 breaks something and it takes 2 months to push a fix like what happened after SU5.


True but if you are on Xbox there’s only two off that list available so Xbox users lose out.

And I say that as someone who is about to get a pc.

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I think it is 4 technically. But honest question - is there an aspect of this sim Xbox doesn’t miss out on, at least partially? I am just confused as to why it is published by Xbox Game Studios at this point.

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That’s a good point. The sale is on for ten days, so will still be on after SU6 is released. I’ll hang on, and check any Seneca focused threads to see if the new update affects it negatively.

Well, you would think after what happened last update someone from each 3rd party partner would be in the SU6 beta test but many decisions seem to defy logic…like not testing to make sure the 787 could make a 2 hour flight without crashing on Xbox prior to release and still not having a fix for it…

Wait…what? Are they pushing a paid for copy of the MiG-15 thats available for free on

Looks like I’ll be saving money for the 3rd straight week on Xbox! ■■■!!