Official Discussion: September 15, 2022 Development Update

Can someone tell us what the SU11 is for?

All I get from this Deveopment update is this: just hold.


Wow, what’s with the doom and gloom? If you didn’t read the update, you would think they have ceased development altogether! SU11 not coming this year? Seriously, how can anyone get to such a conclusion from a few days delay to the current update?


Asobo are 100% doing the right thing with SU10. If it delays SU11 so be it.

SU10 is a game changer in many ways and it needs to be absolutely bulletproof because it will be the foundation on which the game is built going forwards. There are really significant performance gains in the offing so be patient, all good things…


My hunch: SU10 will be delayed one week, and released with nVidia driver. Or in conjunction with the Canada update.
SU11 is already worked on, on a different branch. SU10 sits on its own development branch, so these are not interfering with each other. SU11 doesn’t need to be delayed in this way.


Sim Update 11 will be helicopters, gliders, plus everything outlined here:

and here:

Hope this helps.


Content of SU11 was started a year ago include with 3rd party, also Seb doing all stuff related to physic and similar, do not works on terrain\performance stuff, this is another staff group.

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SU11 is the 40th anversary update coming this November :wink:

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It is sad that they are not able to make SU10 stable within 2 months of beta and thousands of testers.
Why did they promised release this week when it is not stable as they need?

Where did you read this?


The full release of Sim Update 10 is on its way, slated for next week!

September 8th, 2022 Development Update - Microsoft Flight Simulator


Tx! Yes, that’s right, forgot that message. I thought they said that a new beta would be released. Just back from vacation. Lot to catch up :wink:.
Didn’t they also say “in combination with an nVidia driver”? So that’s probably the culprit then.

Here’s the rest of the quote that gives some nuance to the first sentence

While we are pinpointing the exact day of release, our team is currently adding in our final changes and updates for SU10. Beta users can expect one final test build coming shortly. We have also been closely working with NVIDIA regarding our DX12 optimizations and we plan to release SU10 in conjunction with an NVIDIA driver update that will help one of the first issues our Beta users discovered (graphical glitches and artifacts).

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We’ll, they said it’ll be this week in the previous dev update which i think was a mistake. They should have just said whenever nvidia releases the new driver. Now they are just getting some flac for something they don’t have any control over, i.e nvidia driver not being released this week.

[…] we plan to release SU10 in conjunction with an NVIDIA driver update […]

I am wondering why they do not communicate this more clearly.
Next week, tuesday, nVidias GTC starts.
I think SUX will be released right after the keynote.

But why make such a secret out of it?

I am not a native speaker, but what exactly means: “slated”? To me it sounds like it’s conditional, not definitive.


You’re absolutely correct. It’s the same as saying ‘intended’, ‘likely’, ‘probably’.

Slated is definitely not a firm commitment.


We’ll me neither. Let me check, just for giggles,

Hmm… one site says it means expected, another says scheduled or designated.

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But anyway, that doesn’t matter, it caused a false expectation among masses. This always happens when you have large eager crowd. You say one thing and they take it without full context and bring another meaning of it. That happens even to the native speakers. That’s why I said they shouldn’t have put out any expected timeline but put it on nvidia driver release.

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So the final verdict from my side is: they communicated perfectly.

—walks to the sim after three weeks to finally get .21 and see what’s new—

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Well on SU11 there was 3 things, glider\helicopter and wasm, SU11 was started one year ago, Seb works only doing all physic stuff, 3rd party was doing some helicopter\glider and some others aircraft, Wasm is related to SDK team, 3d Aircraft\Art are related to another art branch, I don’t think any off SU10 staff was working on SU11. The performance stuff is another branch.