Official Discussion: September 16th, 2021 Development Update

It would be really appreciated if the broken VR reflections could be fixed in a hotfix rather than waiting til SU6 (late October) - even with no further delay that would be 3 months with no water reflections. It may sound a minor thing but MS would not release marketing screenshots without water reflections as it looks quite fake!

In general I do think developers should prioritise fixing things that have been (accidentally) broken and taken away from users in the mandatory updates, and aim to restore them as quickly as possible. Thanks !


Do we know what the hotfix is going to fix? or we have to wait until after release to know…?

The next hotfix is targeted to release tomorrow, September 17th, at 8:00am PT. Once live, full patch notes will be posted.

I thought perhaps there was some indication what they considered needed a fix. Cryptic as ever.

So did I, with my Disc version.

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From last week’s Development Update Blog:

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I can add another tip, that is clear your cache, before or after the update, but before your first flight. Rolling and manual cache may contain incompatible data, check out this opening.

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I was wondering if the long range quality fix about night lighting is expected to solve the issue of sepia mask that is visible at hight altitudes?

Yes, I think that is at least part of it - that one has been around for a long time

I really hope so! :slight_smile:

All these complaints about the lighting at night lol. Yeah it’s bad but… Freezing/disappearing mouse? Nobody? ■■■■■■ sake I feel like I’m the only one

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Ah I see. Thank you! Gives a good overview of what to expect.

No date for fixing the Bush Trips.

This does not work for xboxes due to the impossibility of implementation.

I’m not sure they have any interest in actually fixing the bush trips at all. They broke way back in SU5 and it’s been complete radio silence on them from MS/Asobo ever since. They even released new bush trips in WU6 despite the underlying feature still being reasonably broken. What are they actually thinking?


No, you are not alone in this, I have disappearing mouse pointer every time I use it in cockpit.



Absolutely correct.

Quick question please. I use IVAO and Navigraph. Does anyone know if it’s going to be possible use them after the hotfix?
IVAO software is not even inside the community folder. It’s on the parent folder. Should I remove IVAO software too?

Well, I can answer for Navigraph - remove it using the NavData NavCenter program. Do not manually remove the folders - that will corrupt the state of your sim installation’s Navdata. It’s easy enough to reinstall after you confirmed the hotfix installed correctly.


Isn’t it fun to have to hit esc and resume every time this happens? I’m surprised there isn’t more about this

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