Official Discussion: September 16th, 2021 Development Update

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Losing faith in the marketplace as an Xbox user. No Seneca V (promised in the ‘coming days’ weeks ago), JF Arrow files and probably numerous other devs files being sat on by the MS/Asobo team for weeks (JF said as much in post earlier today on this forum) only to have numerous “bugs” JF can’t even replicate keeping it out of the marketplace (uh huh). Cmon guys


Thanks for letting people know about the Orbx Brisbane river run. Look forward to seeing more people try it out. hopefully see many of you on the course.


Wait, the fix for night lighting just says “SU6 + SU7” and not ASAP. Does this mean it’s not coming with tomorrow’s hotfix?!

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Your numbers for released aircraft are off. :wink:
List of all payware aircraft for MSFS (Updated 9/15/21, 72 releases) - Third Party Addon Discussion / Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

72 so far… not 67 or whatever that number is. :wink:

That’s a different bug. The night lighting render scale issue that popped up the other week will be fixed tomorrow!


Thank god. I was really worried there for a minute. Can’t wait to get back to night time flying.


Some users may have purchased the Disc version which should allow them to get the update without signing into Xbox Live.

In case it helps, I am using the retail disc version and I did have to download the Xbox App and log-in for the latest update to trigger, so this may not apply to everyone.

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Thank you for letting us know about the wind gust issue :slight_smile: We at the topic of the issue wonder when it will be reactivated?

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I assume you already know this and may be sick of people telling you this, but a shortfix for the night lighting issue is to put render back to 100%.

What does it mean with the wind gusts in the deleopement update post?

Will the wind gusts also work with the Hotfix tomorrow?

Thanks for the update. The sim is near perfect for me right now. Interested in what enabling wind gusts means since I didn’t realise they were disabled.

It is not just one person, a post is hidden when several users flag it. I guess it has more to do with the tone of your posts rather than the complaint itself.

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They is not injected as mentioned on the METAR in live weather and the custom weather settings of gusts not working at all right now. We have hopes it will be activated tomorrow again :slight_smile:


I agree. High quality add-ons need to be prioritized. The Xbox store really needs more quality aircraft. This is not good enough.


Where are all the updates for the existing airports for Xbox users? I’ve been waiting weeks and weeks and have broken addons.

When are they going to fix the pop in issues that happen in every airport whether default or third party?

Including updates for newly released content isn’t updates as they should be the latest versions anyway!



Xbox users vote with your money - there is a clear difference in what is currently being released/sold on the marketplace and what numerous other devs have confirmed they have provided to MS/Asobo. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


Apparently I misread the post in the blog, but there’s no new Mooney in the store to update to. Nada. No download.