Official Discussion: September 8th, 2022 Dev Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Is the Marketplace update delayed? Not seeing it on my end. Edit: Nevermind, saw that it might take a bit longer tonight, between the blog and 5PM PST so I’ll give it a bit.

(A) Thank you so much for picking my screenshot – my first time to “win” :slight_smile:

(B) I am so happy to hear we’re getting one more beta update AND that Nvidia will be updating their DX12 stuff via a driver as well. AWESOME JOB Asobo!!!


I’m confused by the statement, “There are 52 new and 22 updated products in the Marketplace today.” when it’s followed by 36 new and 9 updates below the statement. Did I miss something?

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How big (how many gbs) will SU10 be?

I’m looking forward to the HDR regression being hopefully fixed before final release, even though there’s no mention of it at all I remain hopeful. :slight_smile:


That first paragraph says it all, and just HAS to silence all the communication complainers for once and for all. Asobo works together with their community and listens to their remarks. They amend their roadmap on the basis of our input. To me, given the enormous task that everybody has taken on their shoulders, this level of communication is more than excellent!

Keep up this great work! It really makes me feel part of and relevant to this incredible journey.


Thank you! I’ll try and get the Community team’s attention for that. May not be fixed until tomorrow.

I’m [correctly] seeing 36 and 9 on the Web version and seeing the [incorrect] 52 and 22 on the forums version. Is that the discrepancy you are talking about?

Yup, I was looking at the forum version.

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“We have also been closely working with NVIDIA regarding our DX12 optimizations”

Anything to raise the hopes of AMD users :pray:


SU10 isn’t in a release ready state, there’s simply too many issues, for example performance irregularities, HDR regression, increased main thread timings, a loss of 10fps between, GPU errors, a truly shocking VR experience (clarity), stutters on landing and a half baked DX12 and DLSS implementation. It doesn’t deliver on the roadmap and for the likes of DLSS & DX12 - the community has been waiting for these features for an exceptional amount of time.


And yet my experience SU10 at the moment is that the sim is about as good as i think it has ever been. Very stable, good performance etc. I’d be very happy for this release to go live never mind the additional tweaks being mentioned in the update.

I’ve no idea why things can be so variable.


Yet still it will be released next week. I’ve been reading the same comments every time close to release of a new SU. It’s far from ready, duck after launch, because of the expected angry herds of users…
After release it’s mostly the same 50-100 or so users who write their complaints. The rest doesn’t see it or doesn’t care.
That said: my respect nevertheless goes to the people who complain with the addition of repro steps. These posts have been the source of patches more than once.
So Having read what I’ve read here I’d say: almost ready for launch!


Same here, even with DX12 I have no problems! Smooth as butter with traffic set at 100% even at EGLL where I usually have to lower my settings!


32gb DDR4 ram 3600hz


Is there any benefit running DX12 over DX11 once SU10 is released? I tried it for a couple of days when it was first released and never touched it again as it was unstable.

They count for both PC and Xbox (I.e there are 23 new PC products and 24 new Xbox products, but those products are both PC and Xbox compatible, so each product on both platforms counts as two Products) sorry if that didn’t make sense

Yes, smoothness.

Yes, that makes sense. What didn’t make sense to me in the forums post was that the number in the text didn’t match the number in the picture below it.

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So us AMD users aren’t getting any goodies coming our way ?