Official Discussion: Sim Update 10 - Wednesday Sept. 21st

I don’t think they know. It’s not that they aren’t telling us. They are probably sitting there wondering whats going to happen too!!! Lol. Why change their MO now?

If your a beta tester you’ve had it for days now go read Janes thread:
Beta Testers: New Information on Joining/Leaving the Beta - Sim Update 10 BETA / Beta News and Updates - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Impossible! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly! They don’t bother to scroll up to see what has been discussed in the last few minutes.

Thanks for this, I was about to leave the beta. But I’m staying put.

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  • Please note that our new memory allocator for DX12 on PC will only be activated for Nvidia graphic card users once the next driver is available (will improve performance). Other graphic cards already benefit from the new allocator.

So I guess all we get is the Elden Ring uninstaller, in effect. Better than nothing I guess, but hopefully a new driver won’t be weeks away. I’ll carry on with the SD driver when I get home anyway.


12.75 GB afterwards. 16.75 GB required.

Lol, bit of an anti-climax. But ok, Sim is running pretty well, so what’s to complain, right.

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speed up

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Anyone has it on Steam ?

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Still no update… Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

HDR is still broken without doing the HDR dance.
Still CTD’s were there where none before.
etc etc etc ;p

yep I have it, almost done downloading it

“Complete joke” is a bit unfair - it’s still early days for the DX12 support, and performance in general has come on a lot in SU10.


Was there a download in steam? Or just the sim?

I don’t see a driver update in GeForce?

So I guess no DX12 optimization until Nvidia finally decide to release drivers.

All this wait for nothing!!

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So I’m a little confused and apologies if it’s here but if I’m on Beta on series x I’m not going to get any kind of update now?

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Keep in mind that this is a highly-anticipated update, and the servers are going to be hammered for a while - so if you get CTDs or stuttering, that could be the cause. It happens after every update.

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500 MB on steam and in the sim 16.75 GB

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