Official Discussion: Sim Update 10 - Wednesday Sept. 21st

Hi everyone!

As you may have seen on our social channels, Sim Update 10 is launching tomorrow at 8:00am PDT / 1500Z. Finalized release notes will be available tomorrow with the update.

For users currently in the SU10, we’ll have more information on moving from the beta to live versions soon.


Any info on the size of the update?

Is there any word as to whether or not the NVIDIA GPU driver will be released as well?


No update on the driver until it’s actually released tomorrow?

Edit: the radio silence on this topic leads me to believe the driver will not be out with SU10, and perhaps there’s still uncertainty about when it will be released in the first place. I’d be happy to be corrected, though!

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Thanks! Can’t wait to try out the G1000 NXi! The default G1000 in MSFS will be the most advanced default G1000 for a home market flight simulator after SU 10!

Yep, we need the drivers or this update is of little significance and would be better to wait until we have the drivers.

early changelog will be much appreciated !! Ty

Speak for yourself man. Plenty of Xbox users are eagerly awaiting this update!


I believe the public update will be around 15.6 GB for non-beta users.


Great news, let’s hope Nvidia doesn’t wait until Oct 12 to release their drivers


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Thanks for the information !
I was wondering if there was any info regarding to the nVidia update ?
Thanks !

I wish it will works properly on xbox , i’m tired of ctds during flight and on add on airport.


It might be of little significance for Nvidia users, but it will certainly be welcomed by Xbox users and people that doesn’t use Nvidia.


Be prepared for some disappointments regarding 3rd party airports on Xbox. Performance is much, much improved though.


Any information if the Nvidia driver we have been waiting for will coincide with the SU10?


Ohh lawd, lots of silence on the Nvidia driver update.

I think it’s safe to say that we will not be getting the driver update and DX12 will remain useless.

All this time wasted!!

Hope I’m wrong!


nVidia are based in California. They still ahve a few hours to push it. Or they may push it tomorrow.

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Xbox users don’t have DLSS and they already have DX12 :)))

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