[Official] Tubeliner Tuesday: Episode 10 - Caribbean Cruising!

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TUBELINER TUESDAYS: EPISODE 10 - Caribbean Cruising!

Community Manager @Chewwy94 invites all airliner fans to join in with episode 9 of our weekly Twitch.tv series called “Tubeliner Tuesdays”.

When: Tuesday, February 6th @ 18:00z for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

Please see the details for the upcoming event:


World Update XVI for Microsoft Flight Simulator released for users on January 30th, and to celebrate we’re jetting around the Caribbean for the next episode of Tubeliner Tuesday!

Departing from Puerto Plata (MDPP) in the Dominican Republic and heading directly eastbound, we’ll be arriving into one of the most famous airports in aviation history…Princes Juliana (TNCM). For the first time on a Tubeliner Tuesday stream we will be operating in the HJET by FlightFX, which is available via the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace.

Airport scenery for this flight is provided in the free World Update XV1: Caribbean package, available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator marketplace.
If you’d like to join in and replicate the flight, the route is as follows: MDPP KODIX UW24 LRN DCT ANTEX DCT BQN RTE2 COY L204 GOUDA TNCM


We will be flying on the VATSIM Network to further enhance the realism of our airliner flights. All members of the network are welcome to join and fly along! Please see further details about the network and its rules via the link above.