[Official] Tubeliner Tuesdays: Episode 5 - World Update 15 Winter!

TUBELINER TUESDAYS: EPISODE 5 - World Update 15 Winter!

Community Manager @Chewwy94 invites all airliner fans to join in with episode 5 our weekly Twitch.tv series called “Tubeliner Tuesdays”.

When: Tuesday, November 21st @ 19:00z for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

Please see the details for the upcoming event:


To celebrate the release of World Update 15, we are going to fly between two of the new handcrafted airports included for all users in WU15! Departing from Ivalo Airport (EFIV) in Finland, we will head westbound and across to Leknes Airport (ENLK) in Norway. The approach into Leknes isn’t for the faint of heart, with only a 1000m runway and little room for error! We will be conducting this flight in the Cessna Citation Longitude Business Jet.

Airport scenery for this flight is included with World Update 15. Please download this free update from the Marketplace if you want to fly along!
If you’d like to join in and replicate the flight, the route is as follows: EFIV LUSAG DCT KUXIT DCT TOSSA DCT NOVRI DCT POBEL DCT OSKUB DCT TITOT DCT EVABO DCT EKRAB DCT NERAM ENLK


We will be flying on the VATSIM Network to further enhance the realism of our airliner flights. All members of the network are welcome to join and fly along! Please see further details about the network and its rules via the link above.

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