[Official] Tuberliner Tuesday: Episode 6 - Scandinavian 737 Farewell!

TUBELINER TUESDAYS: EPISODE 6 - Scandinavian 737 Farewell!

Community Manager @Chewwy94 invites all airliner fans to join in with episode 6 our weekly Twitch.tv series called “Tubeliner Tuesdays”.

When: Tuesday, December 5th @ 18:00z for two hours.
Where: The Official Twitch Channel of MSFS

Please see the details for the upcoming event:


November 19th saw the final commercial flight operated by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in a Boeing 737 aircraft. The flight was operated by LN-RRB, departing Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA) airport, and arriving into Oslo Gardermoen (ENGM). For Tubeliner Tuesday this week we will be replicating this historic last journey, although do not plan to make a flypast at Copenhagen Kastrup (EKCH) as per the real flight due to time constraints.

Airport scenery for this flight have been provided by Orbx.
If you’d like to join in and replicate the flight, the route is as follows: ** ESSA ARS N623 IBGAX EBURI N623 ESEBA ENGM**


We will be flying on the VATSIM Network to further enhance the realism of our airliner flights. All members of the network are welcome to join and fly along! Please see further details about the network and its rules via the link above.


Unfortunately due to crew illness, the Tubeliner Tuesday stream scheduled for today has been delayed until the following Tuesday, December 5th.

Apologies for this one folks!


Hope you get better soon Chewwy! Being sick is never fun.