[OFFICIAL] Twitch Flying Lessons: C152

Glad to see this series is continuing. I’m up to Lesson 5 so far and loving it.

Question for Forder, and I haven’t watched the 6-13 yet so maybe this already happens in those videos but I was wondering if we could get some lessons in the Cessna 152 Aerobat and the Cessna 172 steam gauge and Garmin1000 models in the future?

After lesson 14, they will “upgrade” to the Cessna 172 G1000 version. Whether that means new lesson numbering, or continued numbering is not known yet. Can’t wait though, love these lessons and the way they’re laid out.


That’s great to hear!

Thanks! I believe we’ll probably start new lesson numbering, and figure out a good way to archive this thread so it’s still accessible to eveyrone!


Locked, closed and stickied to the top of the forum?

Yes, I may move it over to the #student-pilots:new-pilot-help-guides as well!

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Wow, what a fantastic resource of information. Waiting for flight sim to launch on xbox and stumbled upon this whilst researching.
Thanks, really appreciate this series


I was using the lessons until today… Now that you have pandered to XBox, nothing works… Thanks for not thinking about the users you have had for the last 11 months. Totally unflyable now.

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I was using the lessons until today… Now that you have pandered to XBox, nothing works… Thanks for not thinking about the users you have had for the last 11 months. Totally unflyable now.

@Andybrwn7 Sorry, not quite sure I’m following. Are you saying the Twitch Flying Lessons have pandered to the Xbox? Can’t quite see the link between this comment and the thread itself, although my brain may just be going slow on a Sunday morning!

Not the Flying lessons, but flight sim in general. Lots of issues when using aircraft before the fix came out.

I would raise your issues in the appropriate groups. Use the search at the top right to find an existing thread that matches your issue, and only create a new one if nothing matches.

May we have the PDF’s for Lessons 13 and 14?


Thank you Jayne and Forder for the flying lessons. Very helpful…!
I binge watched/studied the first 4 lessons this weekend. Looking forward to watching the rest. Really appreciate the time and effort!

Happy flying… I’m off to offer my wings to the wind.   :small_airplane:

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A little confused after seeing the C172 lessons in the community event forum, completely missed it. Seems more logical to keep the C152 and C172 lessons in the same forums?

C172 Lessons found here in case you missed it like me.

Thanks again for the lessons!

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never pay for sim flight instruction
there’s just too much of it for free

never DON"T pay for IRL flight instruction
and if you do, you only pay a CFI

never pay anyone on twitch or udacy or anywhere else for SIM flight instruction
Just friendly advice!
fly safe!

I did end up subscribing to Skillshare for a couple months so I could go through Howard’s course. I don’t regret it I have to say, they were very well done, and more focused than the videos with Jayne on here as he’s just providing instruction in the most clear and succinct way.

Now I’ve bought Volume 1 of the Air Pilots Manual and will read through that and try and replicate the lessons in the sim as best I can. I have a yoke, throttle and pedals.

Hmmm. Weren’t you the guy who regularly turned up to Howard Forder’s Twitch streams in a 747 while everyone else were in small GA planes? He uses Udemy to deliver his training…

Your friendly advice is given the consideration it deserves.

What if someone did that? Is that a bad thing? isn’t the game open to everyone or MSFS the guy with the hairpieces’ private server?? maybe that’s the point, that dude gets all ticked off over a public MPG? I think it was funny to see him freak out, instead of rolling with it like most good ones do.

maybe it was me… I can’t remember with all the fun I’ve had and all I’ve learned without paying a dime. slow placed learning like that works well for many folks around here… but not me

warmest regards sir.

Hi @Jummivana ,
i started following the lessons from the video recording in the last two months, and i think what you did is a very useful and fun way to learn for a first time simmer like me :slight_smile: i’m in love with the stream!

I’ve been lurking around youtube looking for accurate lessons but i could only find small pieces of advices which are not connected. these streams are full lessons and they are what i needed.
Considering i did not find them in the first place as i was looking on youtube, maybe you can think about posting the recordings on youtube as well, to try and help more simmers like me anjoy the wonders of this game, and at the same time have fun and enjoy the time spent on learning. I really think those could be posted under the Flight Simulator page :slight_smile:

I will keep following your lessons, can’t wait to move to the 172!
Keep going :slight_smile: :small_airplane:

Max from Italy


Hi @Jummivana,
Thank you very much Jayne and Forder for the flying lessons. I am a new simmer started less than a month ago. I have watched the first lesson of the training. I find the lesson is very useful and informative. I will continue with other lessons. It gives me confident in learning to fly the simulator properly. Over the past few weeks, I used only the “Flight Training” from the simulator to learn the flying skill without knowing why things need to set and drive in certain way. You lesson explained very well on basics of operating the Cessna 152. I am very glad that you provide those lessons in great detail and for free. Knowledge is priceless. :clap: :clap: :clap:

kchow from Australia :grinning:

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