Official web browser

That would allow us to use Skyvector and any other resource that we wish. Of course with Tabs and PDF reading.
I know thare are some non official, but they are not good for me (no skyvector. no perfect navigation). And no… I don’t want to use the layered Windows Media Portal as it has lots of issues and fps performance.

I would really like to have Twitch chat up in a window in VR as well and I can’t currently find a way to do this.

@Jie2193 You can. I have it with this APP:

and in this line of CustomPanel.js put:
self.iframeElement.src = KapChat
(hit the link and copy the address and put in between ’ ’

It’s not a solution. A lot of websites will not work inside an IFrame. This is the first thing I tried with, but it didn’t work.
A built in web browser would fantastic. Especially if websites could interact with the sim through the Javascript API.

It would be ideal to be able to pull up google maps and have a geolocation feature to show us exactly where I am. The VFR map shows rivers, lakes, etc. but I cannot tell what the towns are, or often which state I am currently in.

While this does print some messages, “Joining chat”, etc., no chat is actually displayed in the window. I think we need a proper web browser which is why I voted for this.

Yes, so when a website queries for a location, it gives them the in-game location. That would be fantastic.

ASXGS can brand it “Microsoft Bing Simulator” and make viral ads. It’ll be great!

And imagine if you could use google earth instead of google maps and project it in the 3D view with the proper scale, you could even fly over google 3D earth! :rofl: