[OFFICIAL] Wings Over the Web Virtual Airshow

@ZILLNIAZI17 Sorry for the late response, I liked your post but apparently did not reply. We will make sure the VOD is posted on YouTube!

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TTT Were One month away from the Airshow!

The CF-18 demo team for MSFS is beginning spring training and we hope to be ready soon for airshow season soon but while you wait you can have a look at our training video we will sadly not be at wings over the web

MSFS CF-18 demo team spring training demo - YouTube

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will viewers be able to load into the scenery and watch if they have the models?

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Can you please put the time in Z (UTC), in addition to the “local” time, in the narrative description of such events?

Please note also that the start/end times of this particular event are confusing to figure out, because the Event Schedule lists states all the times are in “EST” but aren’t they actually in EDT/ET?
AFAIK, EST is always UTC-5 whereas currently “Eastern Time” (ET) i.e. the time zone used on the eastern seaboard of the USA is actually Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) which is UTC-4.

So, do you mean that this airshow is starting at 2030Z (=4:30 PM EDT), or 2130Z (=4:30 PM EST)?

Congratulations to all who took part in this entertaining event. A big thank you to the pilots and crew that made this possible and to Asobo and Microsoft for the technology that allowed it to happen. I was impressed by the piloting skill and dedication to the practice hours that must have been required. I will be in line for the next one.


Just want to express my appreciation to all involved in the Wings Over the Web 2022 airshow.

It had to be one of the most amazing things I have seen on the interwebs. Just the logistics of it all. The performers, the aircraft, the sounds, drone camera work!! and the entertaining narration. How do you get six different people flying that close in formation flying. (ya practice practice practice) Hats off to all that had a hand in this. It was great.

Hoping to see the Snowbirds next time.


Thank you for the high praise, all the teams put in a lot of work and to have it come together like it did yesterday was amazing. We all really enjoyed entertaining everyone.

Someone build a CT-114 and I’ll be all over it…. :).

I am still watching the 4 hr replay. I can only say WOW, never expected this level of realism and skill.

A few questions that came to mind while watching the show:

  • Why was the F35 moving so clunky, like in steps, rather than fluently? No offense to the pilot, because he pulled great manoeuvres. The other planes had much more fluent turns and so. Why not this plane?
  • In the video of the Roulettes the plane left in the formation was moving a little ‘off’, looked like timing issues. What could have been the cause of that?
  • Lastly: the sound. Maybe for a next time: a better balance between music, voice, and the plane sounds. Maybe even a live sound mixer who is able to turn up the plane sound for certain manoeuvres, when the voice is silent for example.

Thanks again everybody who contributed to this great event. They must have put many, many hours into this. Hat off!!!


Is this anywhere on YouTube?

You can watch it on twitch

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Thank you. I don’t find Twitch enticing. Besides, I don’t have it on TV. I wanted to watch it on a large screen.

I found some of it on YouTube and didn’t quite like what I saw. The quality wasn’t up-to-the-mark.