[OFFICIAL] Wings Over the Web Virtual Airshow


Calling all airshow fans! Members of the Flight Simulator Thunderbirds & Flight Simulator Airshows are proud to present our debut virtual airshow: Wings Over the Web. Join us live on May 22 as performers from around the world display breathtaking stunts and precision formation flying in the virtual skies. Featuring performances by the Flight Simulator Thunderbirds and RAAFv Roulettes, this virtual airshow will be an event you won’t want to miss.

How to watch

Tune in to the MSFSOfficial Twitch channel on May 22, 2022. As the show nears, a performance schedule will be available to spectators! In addition to the show’s high-performance flying, we’ve partnered with companies in the Microsoft Flight Simulator community to give you the chance to win some amazing products!

Event schedule

Proudly partnered with
During the show, we will have several giveaways of products for the audience from the following;


Hmmm, could it be connected somehow? :eyes:

I try to join as Swiss Display

Dumb Question Can DCS Demo Teams Take part in this show? Because I am the Lead Demo Pilot and owner of the Virtual Canadian CF-18 Demo Team

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We look forward to your signup!

No, this is a Microsoft Flight Simulator show only.

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Thats a Shame, what a lost opportunity

But a great opportunity for MSFS users to show off their skills, anywhere in the world!

Looking forward to seeing how this great idea plays out :slight_smile:


I disagree that it is a waste opportunity. It is listed as a Microsoft Flight Simulator show on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Official Twitch channel - MSFS is the ONLY simulator supported for this show. Feel free to sign up a performance using MSFS - it is going to be a good time and we would love to have you!


We would love to but unfortunately, there is no good legacy F/A-18 simulation for MSFS and we aim to be realistic and the Default F/A-18E doesn’t meet our specs and the IRL team doesn’t use super hornets, but we will for sure stop by in the chat :slight_smile:

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The Blue Angels transitioned to the FA-18E Super Hornet in 2021, actually. The default FA-18E in MSFS is somewhat basic in terms of systems but display teams are not about systems, they’re about flying. It might be time to ditch little arenas and show off your skills in proper locations, with proper weather, anywhere on planet Earth. It would be awesome to see the Blue Angels flown as well as you guys do it, in MSFS.

The only real hold back will probably be how accurate multiplayer is when formating as closely as the Angels do - DCS does that better than MSFS at the moment. Can’t afford any glitches when you’re only two or three feet apart.

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Get this one (link below). Fantastic. I can do tail slides with it!

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Again We aim to be realistic, The IRL CF-18 Demo Team doesn’t use Super Hornets, we use the Legacy Hornet I.E the F/A-18A IRL

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We have plenty of private modifcations we would love to share if it means furthering the aerobatic / airshow community in the simulator. Stop by the Thunderbirds Discord and we may be able to help! :slight_smile:

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Ah OK. But it could be an opportunity to show your skills. Have you got a video to show what you do?

I am the one flying

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Brilliantly flown! Apologies for my earlier mistake, I didn’t read your original post properly and thought you were representing the DCS Blue Angels.

Hopefully somebody will release a legacy FA-18 at some point for MSFS. I know that there were at least two in the works, but not sure if the projects are still underway.

Thanks, we try our best to make our flying as close to the real thing, and LOL we know the VBA

Please do put it up on YouTube as well so aviators in all time zones can watch and enjoy.

Thank you.

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