Offline AI Traffic - Windows system time used to spawn AI Traffic - no effect changing sim time/date

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I am an experienced custom developer of AI flightplans since FS2002. Whilst using offline AI traffic.bgl files I identified an issue whereby if I change the simulator date and time this has no effect on the AI traffic spawned. I would expect the offline AI spawned to be based upon the simulator UTC time rather than fixed to windows system time which then would enable flights at a user selected time with the offline traffic corresponding to the time of day. I have found a further problem spawning AI aircraft where there is a mismatch between days/dates and those in the Traffic AI Flightplan.bgl

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I have found a workaround - (1) If I change the windows system clock to match the offline flightplan file the aircraft appears as per the traffic AI flightplan which works for plans for all “24HR” coded traffic AI flightplans. (2) Another issue is traffic AI flightplans coded to operate over a “WEEK” - the day of the week coded doesn’t correspond with the AI traffic for that day. A workaround is to change the system date minus 3 days i.e. if the system date is set to a Friday the day/date needs to be changed to a Tuesday to spawn the flights programmed for Fridays -full list below to help recreate.

AI Day Change System day to a
1/ Monday Thursday
2/ Tuesday Friday
3/ Wednesday Saturday
4/ Thursday Sunday
5/ Friday Monday
6/ Saturday Tuesday
0/ Sunday Wednesday

It is only after these workarounds that I can see the correct aircraft starting the correct flight as per the traffic AI flightplan. In search of a solution I have changed the traffic AI flightplan days in the hope of AI traffic to spawn on the correct days to check if this is a flightplan day i.e. 0/ coding issue, however this again didn’t match the AI day programmed as per the realigned days to system date. Changing all programmed 0/ flightplans to a 3/ didn’t work. Example Traffic AI Flightplan used to identify issue;


In the default Traffic.bgl file I noted that all flightplans are 24HR or less and therefore may not have been an obvious issue previously. Any help would be appreciated to correct the root cause of either offline AI traffic file coding or confirm if this is a simulator issue. I note many users adopt live traffic injection solutions although this doesn’t enable users like myself to pick a flight to fly offline when unable to fly “Live”.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


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Im on beta AAU1 The same issue AI not departing on Sim time, but on System time

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Yes, this problem is happening since world update 11. In this world update MSFS supposingly would have improved AI traffic, but I find a minimum of work has been done.
I mean, come on, even for the pilot in the sim AI traffic is of great importance!
If you are on approach and you have to go arround 3 times because of AI traffic the is not working correctly, this seems something Asobo has to take care of soon.

This was fix on SU12B .18 and .19, Now .20 its broken again, same problem

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….if the fix for this can be identified, it would be great if it could be included within the general release version of SU12.

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please can you tell us if the team has been able to make any progress regarding this issue ?

Before SU11, offline traffic bgl. files ( Custom flight plans ) were being read correctly by the Sim, resulting in the AI traffic corresponding as per the flight plan for any of the specific Aircraft contained within.

Since SU11 and SU12 releases, the reading of the flight plans contained within the offline AI traffic bgl. files appears to be completely broken.

It is currently hit and miss as to whether there is any functionality of the traffic, although it has to be said that the Ai Aircraft do always spawn on the parking spots at the Airfields concerned.
When and if they do, the Aircraft are not following details contained within the flight plan.

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Hi just wanted to check whether this issue was still on the radar, any updates would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

…sadly unless I am mistaken, it doesn’t look as if SU13 ( going by what I have seen in the Beta ) is going to address this issue or many other AI Offline Traffic issues that still remain with the AI Aircraft themselves.

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Is there any further update to this?

Still the same on SU 14 beta

Yet SU15 beta still the same