Ohio Pilots

I would like to fly around Ohio, especially Kelley’s Island and Put-In-Bay and around Lake Erie

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I’m from Ohio, and if you would still like a partner to fly with, just message me.

I am looking for a ,new to flight sim person, who wants to learn about group flying. My best time is early morning daily, east coast time. Start out small, two people, then once we have learned how the system works we can move on to larger groups.

Wouldnt mind going around Graham Farm

I am interested live in the dayton area. Haven’t done multiplayer yet . I am very interested but ne to this. Startted with sublogic flight sim in the late 70’s

I am still looking for someone to fly with around Ohio. Not sure how to contact you though

Hi. I am from Lima and used to go to Dayton a lot. Love to fly with you. Not sure how to get in contact with you tho

Yes, I am from Ohio as well. Not sure how to contact you. I am pretty new.

I’m Bob G. from Massillon, Ohio. Retired. Been flying sims since 1988 (no Kidding) I love flying N. Ohio around Sandusky (my home town) and the Islands. I prefer single engine but am familiar with the Baron and King Air. In previous Sim versions I joined the multi-player and had a good time…with the serious pilots, that is. I can be reached at: cactusco46@yahoo.com

Hi everyone would like to join the group, I live under the left crosswind to downwind leg to RWY 29 at KHAO