OK Asobo knows about the weather/wind bug but how about this?

I reported on ZENDESK but want to be sure I’m not the only one noticing this…

When flying in the USA or areas of the weather bug issue (wind not working and cloud inconsistent) - It finally hit me today that I think that all the clouds in the bugged areas only are being displayed at MSL instead of AGL…

I am seeing many instances of the clouds touching the ground A LOT. I can see once in a while maybe fog banks, etc. but this is happening much more than I would think it is in the real world.

I noticed this because I rebooted the sim and went to Ireland to fly around today and the clouds were at the correct height (and the wind was working perfectly as well).

METAR reports of clouds are always AGL, not MSL. http://www.faraim.org/aim/aim-4-03-14-470.html


It happens all over the place in California, even at the coast where MSL is equal to AGL. In another thread someone suggested maybe the weather time is lagged and it’s showing evening weather during the day which seems plausible. I’m hoping whatever they did to fix the 225/3 bug will fix this too, if not… here we go again!


I see this happen every time I do Real-Time weather

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I reported this in the alpha. :roll_eyes:

As well have I multiple times

Well, for CA I think it’s simulating all the smoke from the fires we’re having currently.

Nope, it’s not that. There weren’t fires over LAX back in January during the Alphas. :slight_smile: