Ok so that's why Asobo Downgraded his game on PC?

Ok now I understand much better why Asobo and Microsoft downgraded this game it helps to sell more XBOX right ? : Flight Simulator | Xbox Series S|X vs PC | Graphics Comparison & Framerate Test - YouTube

Now you’ll have a plethora of youtube videos praising Microsoft’s incredible feat of producing a game so close to the PC version (forgetting of course to mention the huge downgrade that allowed this magic trick) and this will be used as a fallacious argument in your war against Sony…

In the greatest contempt of the PC gamers who paid a game to be downgraded 1 year later all this to serve as a marketing campaign, abject.


Yes, agreed. But I’ll go one step further and say that now those people who have mid-range PC’s are now so happy that they have console like performance (you know, 60FPS and all) that they’ll tell all their buddies who also have mid-level PC’s how great the sim is now and so they too will hurry up and buy a copy for themselves. I am happy that those with lesser PC’s and now the Xbox crowd can enjoy this sim but to downgrade across the board was/is a poor decision in my opinion.


I still haven’t seen evidence of this downgrade except for the exposure/brightness issue and the obvious bugs like EXTREMELY low texture resolution or LODs not loading until extremely late, but in virtually every flight I don’t see any issues. Same in videos that attempt to show the allegedly massive downgrade.

PC seems to win every comparison I’ve seen so far in that video, as expected.


@ Aeluwas

2 pics I took on all ULTRA 1440p:

Keep in mind that we are all in for folks with lower end hardware to be able to enjoy the sim.
Our gripe is with the downgrade on ULTRA setting!

It should be simple same as it is on every other PC game out there, if you a have high end pc you can play on ULTRA and enjoy the best visual possible by the render engine, if you have a low end pc, you can choose medium settings instead and have the visuals that we now have on SU5 ULTRA.
But let us choose what we prefer…


Yes, but do you have zoomed images showing it better than this from SU4? The awful look when zoomed (especially with photogrammetry) is something I’ve seen in every build since alpha – so it’s not a downgrade.


Yes, so why is it so hard for folks to understand this? This either/or is really out of control.


Others have already made comparisons, I was naïve enough to not think they would reduce the graphics so I didn’t take any pics from SU4, but trust me when I say that on all ULTRA the difference was immediately visible.


So are you flying on zoomed in view?
You know I’ve been in photography since the first CMOS became affordable, and all the while people were complaining about sharpness and image quality when zoomed in to pixel-level. But honestly: noone looks at anything at pixel-level.
So ask youself: even if the zoomed in view has deteriorated on ULTRA. How does that affect flying? IMHO it doesn’t and if instead of eye-candy at zoomed in view I have a stutter-free flight, I take the latter any time.


People saying it’s now playable on mid PC
It was beautiful on medium settings but now look at this, it’s all blurry but hey I got my 60 FPS :nauseated_face:


Guys there is no visual downgrade or conspiracy to make the consoles look better.

It’s simply the case that they have made a series of very complex changes to how the engine works and to some extent we are at stage 1 with the new update, and now they will start fixing it back up. If you guys actually followed the developer timeline and watched the live Twitch Q & A’s that Jorg, Sebastian and Martial do every single month you’d know this.

They have already promised us that high end PC’s will get LOD settings beyond the existing ultra settings. They have already told us that DirectX12 will enable them to improve the clouds well beyond what they have achieved so far and that they will implement this before the year end.

They have already told us that once the Xbox release is done the focus is on improving high-end PC and in particular VR performance and that we’ll have full motion control in VR before the end of 2021.

There is no conspiracy or dumbing down, just a hugely complex simualtion and game world beyond anything ever attempted at the consumer level before and they can only tackle a few things at a time.

We are almost 1 year into a 10 year project, just have some patience.


Sounds like you’re agreeing with my view. My point is that it’s always looked like this, so there’s no reason for all the outrage, and there is no downgrade (as mentioned: except for the exposure issue, and the obvious bugs/server load issues).


Go fly in a low fidelity area. Without photogrammetry and excellent data lite coverage. Used to not be bad. Now the satellite imagery looks like generic ground textures used in xplane


Exactly. Since Alpha, there has been the same criticism. It’s blurry.

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Yeah, I guess then I’m agreeing with you. :slight_smile:
Man, I’m already seeing complaints where there are none. Guess I’ll have to keep clear of the forum for a while …


There’s that tired old phrase again. I’ve been hearing this from day one and here we are 1 year (ish) later!


Personally, I’ve been delighted with all the updates so far. Combined with third-party payware and excellent community-made free content my sim improves every month with something new and exciting to look forward to.


So you expect us to make our judgements of the sim - a year after release - based on warm promises of what it might be able to do, rather than what we actually have in our hands? And after having seen updates released that stated in black and white they had fixed bugs that they hadn’t?

Do you also believe politicians when they tell you about the great things coming from them if you just give them more time?

How on earth a year after release can people be asking people to keep quiet about problems because maybe one day someone says they’re going to fix them? It’s quite astonishing.


This is a whole new low for Microsoft. Never in my life would I ever expect someone at Microsoft Game Studios to dump a PC build and replace it with an RDNA2 APU console build and hope nobody would notice haha. It would not have been that hard to have both versions in development side by side and still have crossplay. What Asobo should be doing is rolling back SU4 as a stand alone PC build now as management cleans out its desk. Apparently the testers were vocal about it but are bound by LAW under NDA to not speak of it.

That right there should be a red flag when the beta program was still under NDA on a released game. It wont end here. This violates quite a few anti trust laws as far as I know but I’m not a lawyer. In the end someone will pay for this mistake one way or another though that is for sure. You don’t just bend over your PC users after those last 11 months then dump a console port on top of the best flight sim going LOL.


this is one the worst dishonest thing i ever see in my whoole 30years old of game life after launch of cyberpunk.


You have to be joking with your silly antitrust laws statement… tell us why it’s not working on your PC? Most users do not have issues, which means the software in not flawed. Major bugs on certain machines with certain configurations and perhaps certain extraneous conflicting downloads do exist… so which do you have? The complexity of this software is beyond what most of us can comprehend, although we criticize something we no so little about other than its not working or configuring a few buttons and a flight stick. Let the professionals work out the issues, so you don’t have to. Don’t let ignorance be your guiding light.